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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Monkey see-monkey do. Victoria, my youngest great granddaughter sees the ladies of her family with fancy coffee's from starbucks, mocha's etc.  So while at a family picnic she filled a plastic tumbler half full of gravel, stuck a stick in it... 

 Handed it to me and said, "here's your coffee, Mimi." Of course I had to play along and said a quick prayer before putting my lips on the stick straw pretending a long slurp, then saying, Ohhh, thank you. This is delicious. Her comeback set me straight as she gave me 'that' look. "It's only rocks Mimi!" Love that kid!

 Great Granddaughter Julia, age 13 conquered her fear of singing in front of a group, and did a super job of singing in front of over two hundred delighted family and friends. Way to go Julia!

 Here Miss Victoria is running ahead of her grandma and I in the beautiful wooded grounds of her great grandpa an his wife.

 At this outing they hired a gentleman and his beautiful horses to give wagon rides around the property.

 This picture was taken at Boulevard Park here in Bellingham one evening when three of my girls and I had spent the day together.
Something so romantic about lovers in the sunset. 

 That same day we went to a bar in Old Town Bellingham for supper. I had driven past the Waterfront Seafood and Bar countless times but had never eaten there. This building is the last one in town that sits on piling over the water of the bay. I saw a very big seal while we were sitting at our table waiting for our order. It had long whiskers. Maybe it was a sea lion?

This is my plate. Prawns and salad instead of fries. I thought it would be a little healthier but believe me they loaded the salad with cheese, olives, croutons etc. It was all very good. I am hungry for prawns again and Old Country Buffet has a special...maybe I will get over there soon.

Here is my youngest great grandson, Colton Ray with his beautiful mama, Aimee. This little guy waved Bye-bye to me and he was only four months old then. Can you believe that?
That's all folks!
God bless



Blogger Granny Annie said...

Totally delightful post!

Blogger Susan said...

Delightful, fun, blessed post about the best thing.....family!!!

Blogger linda may said...

G'Day, Just dropped by to see how you were doing. Love your photos, especially because we are in the last week of winter here and looking forwards to spring and the warmer weather.

Blogger Kerri said...

Little Miss Victoria must be loads of fun :) It's a wonderful age. And bravo to Julia! She has such a lovely face.
I'm smiling about you calling shrimp 'prawns'. That's what we call them in Australia :)
That meal looks delicious!
Colton has a precious, happy face. Aren't you a lucky great-grandma to get a smile AND a wave!
Glad to hear you're enjoying your veggie garden and getting some canning done. I'm hoping for a late crop of green beans. They're coming along nicely, just budding now. Nothing like fresh green beans! We had spinach last night. The swiss chard is just right for picking now too. I got my veggie garden in late.
I hope your day is as sunny and beautiful as ours, dear Bev.
Yesterday was lovely too, a delight after the miserable weather "Irene" brought us.

Blogger jel said...

some very cool shots!

hope ya have a nice and safe weekend!

Blogger Merle said...

Dear Bev ~~ Sounds like you enjoyed family time also - they are pretty girls. I so enjoyed the week with Rebecca my grand-daughter, and as you say, family is a blessing.
Glad you enjoyed the jokes, my friend
Take care Bev and enjoy your life. Love, Merle.

Blogger Nezzy said...

....and that dear blogsister is as good as it gets!!! I so enjoyed your post and your wonderful pictures. With family you are always blessed!

God bless ya and have a wonderful day sweetie!!! :o)

Blogger Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Hello Dear Bev....
It’s been a while since I called by, but what a lovely post to greet me... precious summer times with grandchildren.. how perfect. Smart girl Victoria! Well done Julia (my daughter’s name) that’s quite an achievement.

Bev, your lunch looks delicious and so tempting, that would certainly be my choice too.

Hope all is well with you and yours. Now that I’m not spending so much time out in the garden I hope to be able to catch up with blogging friends more.

Blessings - Marion, Wales UK.

Blogger Rachel said...

Wonderful photos Bev! You have a beautiful family!! That food looks mighty good too. Prawns sound yummy! It would be great to eat at a place like that where you could see some sea creatures.

Blogger PEA said...

Hi Bev, just checking in on you! You haven't posted in a while so I'm hoping everything is well. xoxo

Blogger Nezzy said...

'Just checkin' in...have a beautiful weekend!!! :o)


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