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Thursday, April 14, 2011


 Yes we got snow this morning, Not a lot, maybe half an inch to an inch but it was certainly enough to cool my feverish desire to get out and pull weeds and play in my gardens like I did yesterday! Temp was around 38 degrees. I had a hot drink and went back to bed!
 I started my Ttuberous Begonias in the house the end of February and this sweet little thing decided to bloom for me even though it is still in the house. Isn't it pretty?
 My Great Grandson' birthday took us to a ranch in the mountains. He is four now and a darling little guy. There were a lot of people there. I was able to escape for a while to take a little walk with my camera. Above is a view looking into the woods. Enlarge to see better.
 There are some fruit trees on one side of the big house. This one has a lot of Moss and lichen hanging on it. I used to think this wasn't good for the trees but according to Master Gardner Cisco, it doesn't hurt them at all. Nice to know since my old Gravenstein Apple tree has an abundance of green moss covering the huge branches.
A sunset. This picture was found in my parents photo's. I think it is awesome.
An update for those interested. My 16th great grand baby was born on April 6th. His name is Colton Ray. You may remember last year at this time Colton's mommy lost a baby girl, Lillian Isabella who died before she was born. Needless to say we have all been very concerned about this pregnancy, but thank our merciful Lord, Little Colton and his mommy are doing just fine. I saw him the day he was born and am looking forward to having some time with him again. Great Grandma's arms need to hold a baby. LOL I will get permission to post pictures.
My friend John has several appointments coming up, one will be a biopsy to determine whether he actually has bone cancer or if it is just calcium deposits. They can look identical in the X-Rays.
Of course we are praying there is no cancer. Thank you for praying with us.
I pray you are all doing well. God bless you.
Hugs & Prayers!



Anonymous Charlotte/For Such A Time As This said...

I think your Begonia is very lovely! It must be the time of year to take pictures of moss...I posted some pics also. I think it looks pretty growing on the trees.

Blogger Changes in the wind said...

What a beautiful begonia bloom...such a treat!

Blogger Susan said...

Bev - I just saw your comment on my post about Suzette. E-mail me at msej@valornet.com and let's talk!!! Love you and praying for your friend John and standing in agreement that it is NOT CANCER.

Blogger Granny Annie said...

This sudden change in the weather had not made me very happy. The winds are high and bone chilling and the rain we had yesterday felt like it had ice in it. Hopefully the Iris around home will have survived.

Welcome to Colton Ray. Hope great-grandma has gotten to hold you by now.

Your friend John is still in my prayers.

Blogger Angela said...

Snow is a 4 letter word this time of year! lol I'm probably going to be saying that Rain is a 4 letter word too before the spring is over! lol

Your flower is beautiful. Lovely sunset picture too!

Congratulations on your new great grand baby!

Have a Wonderful Weekend!

Anonymous outlast blankets 350tc outlast queen down alternative blanket white said...

Happy snow fall Really this is very good for us to get refresh and these little things give us a great pleasure just like your begonia bloom this is soo nice and sweet flower I like this very much and just save it.
Thank you for sharing with us.

Blogger PEA said...

I see you had the lovely surprise of getting snow in April as well...not fun, is it! lol We had quite the snowstorm yesterday but today it's sunny and 45F so it's melting. Let's hope that's the last of the snow for both of us!!

Your begonia is so beautiful and I really love the soft colours of it. The only plant I have in the house right now is my Christmas Poinsettia, can't believe it's still hanging in there. I usually kill household plants and yet I've got such a green thumb for outside plants, figure that one out! lol

Love the pictures you took while on your walk at the ranch for your great grandson's birthday. I was looking at our little apple trees and they haven't even started to bud yet!

Congratulations on the arrival of your 16th great grandbaby:-) I'm so glad this pregnancy went so well...a new baby to love, there's nothing better than that! Hope you get to hold him real soon. xoxo

Blogger Reflection Through The Seasons said...

Easter Blessings Dear Friend Bev....
Marion - Wales UK


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