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Thursday, March 31, 2011


 Tori is four and got the traditional train cake this year. Beautifully made my her mommy and uncle David. It was also a good bye Binky party. Click on it to see detail.
 Here's our sweet, little birthday girl. She was a little shy when we sang Happy Birthday to her but she handled it very well and didn't hide under the table like her cousin did when we sang to her. LOL
 Her special gift was this pretty pink bike. She got a little monkey too and put it in the basket.
 Another birthday, that of this dwarf Iris. I saw the color out my kitchen window and had to go investigate. It's only about six inches tall but sure is a cute, sassy looking posy sticking it's tongue out like that!
 Ah yes!  The crocus always says SPRING to me.
 And the sweet primrose can't be forgotten. Did you know that some of these are fragrant?
 Looking at a Snowdrop from way down under! I love how the sky makes such a nice background for flower photo's.
 On my way home from Tori's party I noticed the sun was setting. I had my camera so of course I had to pull over and walk up and down the Boulevard to find the right places to take pictures from. This is a shot of 'Sleepy Bellingham Bay.'
I think this one is especially nice. I love how the setting sun casts a golden glow across the water and wonder how it would feel to be in a boat and have that glow surrounding me.

I pray all is well with you and yours and you are enjoying the wonderful signs of spring like I am.
God bless



Blogger Susan said...

Today was a nice spring day here. Felt so good as we've been having cold, damp, dreary weather.

Those train cakes always amaze me. What a treat for the kiddo's in your family.

So covered up and busy here that I've done little blogging or reading.

Thanks for leaving me a comment :o)

Anonymous Annie said...

Hi Aunt Bev! Tori is sooo cute! :) I loved your pictures of the flowers and boats. I wish I were on one floating along in some southern, calm, warm waters.

Sorry I missed seeing you this week! I hope all Dr. appts were ok. I know they always are icky but you know what I mean. :)

Hopefully we'll get to see you soon!

Blogger Merle said...

Dear Bev ~~ What a lovely train cake for Tori and also the pink bike. I am sure she had a lovely birthday.
Your photos are lovely too.
I am glad you enjoyed my jokes - a
lot of people liked the Goat for dinner one.
I am so happy for you that Spring has sprung and the sparrows are nesting, and daffodils blooming, the crocus and the primroses starting. It sounds so pretty. I see that you saw a twitterpated
robin also. Love that word. I am so happy for you that Springtime is there for you. Take care, dear friend, Love and Hugs, Merle.

Blogger PEA said...

Such a sweet 4 year old and I love the train birthday cake!! You can tell by the pictures how shy she is...I was the same way and would always place my arm over my eyes when someone wanted to take a picture of me. lol I'm still quite shy...not that you'd know by my blog, though! hehe

You have such lovely Spring flowers popping up and I can't wait to see flowers around here. I have tulips, daffodils and crocuses coming up but it will be a while yet before they actually blossom. It was another beautiful day and a little more snow has melted, woohoo:-) xoxo

Blogger Ozkatt said...

Hello MM,

What a dear little girl your Tori is, so cute with her pretty pink bike.

I love the sunset photos, too. Sunsets and sunrises...sometimes the best parts of the day.

I hope you and yours are all well and thriving.

Blogger Granny Annie said...

All beautiful flowers, especially Tori!

Anonymous Alicia@ eco friendly homemaking said...

She is so cute and it looks like she had a Wonderfully Blessed Birthday!! I love the pictures of the flowers. Really like your blog. So glad that I found it!

Blogger judypatooote said...

What a cute little birthday girl...aren't they so precious... I never saw a cake like that, it is so cool...my little granddaughter just turned 2 and she started to touch the cake, but pulled her finger back and said "it's cooling off"...her mom told her that after she baked it..LOL...

That last picture is breath taking, to me anyway...if I would have taken that picture I would print it off for resale on etsy.. it's is beautiful..all my photos were taken last year...I have to get busy...all your photos, flowers and all I love...well take care....and have a happy Easter..it's not far off.... judy

Blogger Rachel said...

Beautiful pictures Bev! That sunset is striking!

I love the train cake. I wouldn't mind having one of those for my birthday!!

Blogger Prairie Rose said...

Oh, My goodness,
She is so precious!
Her cake is so amazing.
Love all the flower pics, I am trying to be patient and keep my hopes up that it will be here soon:)
I have watched the Quiet Man many times, I agree, it is a great movie!

Blogger Kerri said...

What a little sweetie Tori is. I'll bet she was thrilled with that beautiful cake and the pink bike.
Oh, lucky you to have Iris reticulata. Isn't that a wonderful blue? They are high on my wish list.
Aren't the spring flowers pure delight? And so satisfying after the long winter.
I've never thought to photograph a snowdrop from underneath. You must've picked it and held it up, right? Clever you :) It looks gorgeous against the blue sky.
Your sunset photos are so very beautiful. Thanks for stopping so you could share those glorious views with us.
We have rain here too and like you, I'm hoping it stops soon so that I can go out and play :)
We sure are enjoying the wonderful signs of spring. I should have a post with spring pics up tomorrow.
Happy spring dear Bev!

Blogger Merle said...

Dear Bev ~~ Thanks for your comments and prayers for the removal of the kidney stone with Laser. I pray you never have any problems with your one kidney.
I am glad you enjoyed the jokes and sent The Amish one to friends.
Take great care dear Bev and I hope your spring soon get warmer for you.
Love and Hugs, Merle.

Anonymous quilly said...

Sweet! Happy Birthday to a cutie!

Love the flowers. We finally got sunshine out here in the Sound today! I bought my garden sets and am dreaming of planting.

Blogger jel said...

way cool train cake!

and the pictures are AWESome!

happy spring :)

Blogger Irishlady said...

Thank you for visiting my blog the other day. I really have enjoyed reading yours today. =)

Anonymous coolerNights said...

Wow what a nice party it seems you really enjoyed your birth day party and she is look like a angle in these pictures really its nice post I love it this information.
Thank you for sharing such a nice information with us.


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