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Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Down in the hollow my son has found
a tree with elbows close to the ground.
A kindly, talkative, child loving tree,
serving as a patient old nursemaid free.

Scattering sun into speckled shade,
arranging it's arms into shapes just made
for holding giant nest's of wood.
If my son looked closer I'm sure he could
In the biggest limbs find nails time hid
for I built a tree house before he did.

Author Unknown



Blogger Granny Annie said...

Love it!

Blogger PEA said...

Well isn't that just fabulous?!! My two older brothers had made a tree house when they were ages 8 and 11...I was 6 and they wouldn't let me up there, darn them!! lol

Hope you're having a wonderful week, dear Bev. We had nothing but sunshine for 2 weeks but now it's raining and there's no end in sight until at least Sunday. Perfect time to read blogs and watch movies:-) xoxo

Blogger Rachel said...

Love the photo and tree houses are always great!! As long as they are sturdy that is!!

Anonymous Teresa a.k.a. Pokey said...



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