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Thursday, August 23, 2012


A dear lady in Texas who I met through my blog several years ago, sent me some seeds for the Blackberry Lily that grows at her East Texas ranch. I love seeds and was really excited to see what the plants would look like. She told me that when they went to seed they look like a blackberry, thus the name.

I planted some seed as soon as it arrived but the little plants didn't survive our extra cold winter. I planted more seed in pots on my back deck where I could keep an eye on them and the slugs couldn't have them. They thrived and about six weeks ago I planted about seven of the plants out in a garden. Within just a few weeks one of them shot up a tall sturdy stem and a flower appeared on top. I planned to go out the next day and get a picture but it had shriveled up. Apparently they are like a Daylily and the blossom only lasts for a day. A few days later it bloomed again so I rushed out with my camera and got  this picture.

I think it's one of the most sunshiny flowers I have seen with the orange petals and red dots.
Thank you Bev G for sending the seeds.



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