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Saturday, December 22, 2012

party time

Some of my very busy family found the time to come to my house last night. They brought food and I made some too so we had a wonderful feast together. For dessert my great granddaughter Hailee made a pumpkin cheesecake that was incredibly delicious! There were lots of other desserts too but I'll get to that later.
 A few days ago I baked a batch of gingerbread people and got a lot of candies, frosting etc., for decorating. Then I covered the table with clear plastic and let the great grand kid's 'go for it!'  I think they had a good time turning these cookies into their own works of art.

Here is one of Kenny's delightful little men. Kenny is 9. He gave this one to me.  I need to mention that this great grandson has the most delightful sense of humor. Just being around him cheers me up and keeps me smiling.
 Kenny's sister Tori who is 5, made this one for me. I think she did a really good job. Her brother thinks we should make a bra for it. LOL!!! See what I mean about that sense of humor? :) Love that kid!

 Our meticulous Maddie has her first one started. Notice how carefully she is placing the little candies? She took her time and thought it all out carefully before beginning. She is like her grandma, my daughter Cyndra. Not like me. I just toss and have a great time. HAHA Maddie is a very deep thinker.

 Here is Hailee and Maddie looking at Hailee's creation. I need to mention that these kids were so neat that there was hardly any clean-up at all to do when they were done. Some awesome training happening with these children and I am very proud of all those who are teaching.

 Tori and Kenny. She's digging right in just like I would and Kenny is contemplating 'what next.'  Kenny writes some super stories.

 My granddaughter Brandey joined in the fun and created her own gingerbread person. Why not. Fun for all. Hailee and Tori are hamming it up for me. :)

 As usual, Miss Julia is quiet and thoughtful. Maybe thinking about what Santa is going to bring, or could it be she is thinking about a white Christmas? No, No. NO! I'm old but not totally gone. Miss Julia is having thoughts of romance concerning a very nice looking, dark haired young fella who I have met. Believe it or not Julia, Great grandma was young once, and she had dreams too. Just keep on 'dreaming' at least till you are 30 honey girl.

 My pup's Tildy and Tudie up on the couch to avoid all the feet walking around. They aren't used to having a lot of people in the house even though they love the company.

 "Tis the season to be silly, fa-la-la-la-la---la-la-la-laaaa!" Tori made several different poses for me with this 'thing' she was holding. I just love her little Shirley Temple dimple! Tori has a wonderful personality. I love hearing her talk and hear her stories. She is very expressive and has a great imagination. What a delightful child.

 Here is my beautiful Great granddaughter Hailee who is 11 years old. I have many pictures of her and truthfully they are all beautiful. This girl couldn't look bad even if she tried. She is beautiful inside too. She's the one who baked the yummy pumpkin cheesecake.

 Here is Hailee's cheesecake on the far right. to the left is gumdrop fruitcake, the rich chocolate cake and date balls and the jar of chocolates. Out of sight are the pies and ice cream.
Throughout all the festivities, the fun and food, the laughter and wonderful family time, let us remember what we are celebrating and give thanks for the most incredible gift of all. Thank you Dear God for the gift of your son. Thank you for loving us so much.

God bless each of you with a meaningful Christmas. God bless our troops and God bless America.




Blogger Granny Annie said...

And God Bless your dear friend. Thank you for sharing this wonderful gathering. Merry Christmas!

Blogger Betsy Adams said...

I love seeing all of your family together having fun!!!!

Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.

Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

You are so blessed with your wonderful grandchildren! Looks like a great activity to do. I'm really hungry looking at all the goodies there-
Glad you had such a great family time!
I visited BBM n 2 of the boys for Xmas Eve ham dinner n early presents. I had to work Xmas Day night, so wore jingle bells to work n brought everyone candy to cheer them up= No one likes working on a holiday- I have to work on almost every one- but at least had Halloween n Thanksgiving off 1st time in 6 years- so can't complain!


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