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Friday, November 30, 2012


I finished putting up Christmas lights outside today. It was raining and I got wet,cold and a little grumpy! As I was untangling the strings of lights I dreamed of spring and summer hot days and flower gardens. So just to make myself feel better I decided to post some flowery summertime pictures.

 Here is the pretty pink Rhody's my Patty gave me, a pale pink Rhody, White perennial Candy Tuft and Moonlight Broom with the neighbors red shrub in the background.

 Oh I used to have such a colorful front yard when I had my big, faithful dog Barnabas but after he was gone the deer came and now they eat everything in sight. I loved walking through my yard and just enjoying all the flowers. If I could I would have another big dog just so I could enjoy my flowers again.

The seal of King Solomon found on old coins etc., is in this shape, thus the name of this interesting flower, Solomon's Seal. This picture was taken from under the blossom. Interestingly it is also the shape of the Star of David. Now I wonder if seals were passed down through the generations.

 Under the Old Apple Tree. The tall bright magenta blossoms are Rose Campion. Also there are many Sweet William's, Roses, Lillie's, Lemon Balm and much more. On the warm days when I walked out here the Sweet William was very fragrant.

 I loved this pond. Iris, Foxglove, pansies and a lot more growing all around. I named some of my goldfish which grew to about 7 inches long and kept having babies. Sad when the coons & Herons got in and ate most of them. I also had a gorgeous pink water lily, a waterfall and a fountain. You can see all this much better if you enlarge it.

 Here is a macro shot of a pretty pink peony. I love macro because I seldom take time to really 'see' a blossom. This way I can enjoy all the shades of colors, and the beauty of the single blossom. This Peony is very fragrant.



Blogger Granny Annie said...

Now we will be awaiting your decoration pictures!

Blogger jel said...

we could use some rain here.
here it is DEC. and it's 72F


Blogger LL Cool Joe said...

I'm impressed you've already got your Christmas lights up! It's very wet and cold here in the UK. I can't wait for the summer, not that we get much of one here!

Blogger Snaggle Tooth said...

I do feel like I just took a summer garden tour.... Thanks.
It's freezing here now too- I've been having critter problems with lights lately.
Sorry to hear about the lost goldfish! Must be tough to keep them alive thru the winter freezing. Guess you have to pick holes in the ice or put a heater in.
Totally gorgeous blossom shot!

Blogger PEA said...

Good morning dear Bev:-)

Such gorgeous flowers and yes, does the heart good to see them while it's so cold and blustery outside!! I love the shot of the Solomon's Seal, taken from underneath..such intricate details to it!

I've always wanted a pond with some goldfish in it but so far it's just been a dream. My friend/neighbour June has one in her backyard and it's just gorgeous. For the winter they have to bring in the fish and put them back in the pond in the spring. They've lost a few because of raccoons through the years:-(

Thank goodness we don't have problems with deer eating our flowers around here...in my area there are more moose than deer and they don't come in people's yards:-) xoxo


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