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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

7:35 pm
The MRI was postponed for a week. The anesthesiologist said the baby was too small, and he refused to put him under. The doctor told his parents to take him home. He is still on the anti siezure medication and will continue with it at home. He may have to return to Seattle during the week for other tests.
The good news is he hasn't had a seizure in 24 hours.
Praise God!
At times like this, its like everything comes to a stand still. Time itself is lost in concern and worry, and every member of every family who knows little Ethan is focused on the Creator of life, and prayer to Him and the incredible love we feel for this little baby.
I go about my daily chores, and while sweeping or washing dishes and folding laundry, I am praying. Always praying, I awake in the morning praying. Sometimes silently in my heart, and other times loudly crying out to Father to save this little one and let him grow up to be the wonderful man he was created to be.
I dream of the day I can see his first smiles and hear his first laughs. I want desperately to see him toddle about chasing the dog.
I want to count the dimples in his fat little baby hands and play "This little Piggy Went To Market" on his toes. I want to bounce him on my knees and sing songs to him. I need to hold him tight to my heart and kiss his sweet little face. I want to teach him about Jesus.
I want to be his great grandma.
Oh Lord God, if you will, Please, please.



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