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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Here are three of my great grandsons. Left to right are Tyson, Dylan and Johnny.
I spent some time with them last weekend and enjoyed seeing what they have been doing.

Johnny is the oldest of these three brothers. He likes to draw and obviously spent a lot of time on this picture he calls A BAMBOO GARDEN. I am really impressed with all the intricate work he has done and I love the way he has the bamboo intertwined.

The boys worked together to make this wonderful garden. I understand that Tyson has a very 'green thumb' and everything he plants grows beautifully. Hey Tyson I need you to come and plant my gardens too. This garden is so gorgeous I would make even a veggie hater want to eat their salad! They even have flowers!

Dylan is the youngest of the three. As as you can see, he loves to draw and color. I think his Christian temple is just lovely. He sure picked nice colors for it.

There. I'm done bragging about my great grandsons. 'For a few minutes anyway'.



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