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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

I have no idea if this is going to actually post. It has been so long since I blogged and everything is so changed I feel like I'm lost!
I miss blogging and my dear blog friends, so if any of you just happen to stop by and see this give me a shout. Blessing of the God kind!



Blogger Susan said...

I saw it! I don't check often, but I did come on and check today.

Blogger Sandies' Patch said...

Hi there! Long time since we heard from you but, great photo MM!If only I looked half as good LOL!
Glad you liked the chickens, they certainly keep me entertained/occupied!
Don't leave it so long for the next post hey? xxx

Blogger Mountain Mama said...

Hi Sandie. I't good to be in touch with blog friends again. Yes it has been a long time. Blogger changed so much I am really lost when trying to blog anymore but hope to do more.

Blogger Clara....in TN said...

Hi Mountain Mama, Thanks for the comment you left on my blog. It took me forever to figure out how to leave you a comment. At one time I could do it with my eyes shut. :-)). The afghan you spoke of on my blog WAS complicated!. It's called Interlocking crochet. I worked on it for a. Long time. You can go to You Tube and search for Peppermint Throw. There is a video that help with the making of it. I couldn't have made it without the video. I still have to make the cushion to match. It's round and just beUtiful. I've had company for the last three weeks. I've barely had time to go to the bathroom, Much less crochet. :-)). Hope you are doing well. Maybe we will get back into blogging someday, But it's doubtful.... Facebook kinda took over. Good to hear from you!

Blogger Mary said...

Sandy, that picture is awesome. I need to do an update at the Writing Nook. Hope all is well with you.

Blogger Granny Annie said...

Wishing you and yours the happiest Holiday Season. Love Granny Annie


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