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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

This is what I was doing last weekend.
My dear Texas friend Ken told me how to use Blogger to post pictures. He is the sweetest young man ever, and he always has some excellent info on his blog. Go and see for yourself!

About the cookies, I sent this tray to the boys at a local Shipyard. My Brother-in-law and my son-in-law both work there. They have done some nice favors for me so I wanted to do something for them. I also sent some to a Seattle cousin but will post about that later.

Anyhow the cookies are, from top clockwise" Gumdrop Bars, Date Bars and Walnut Bars. Peanut Blossoms are those with the Hershey Kiss and Butter Nut Balls are in the center. The latter are also callen Russian Teacakes and Mexican Teacakes. However in my family we have another name for them.

When my grandson David was around three, I was babysitting him one day while baking cookies. I had just finished a batch of the teacakes when Davey asked for one. I gave it to him and told him to eat it on the back porch so the remains wouldn't get all over the floor. (I was refering to the crumbs) He did, then came back in and asked, "Grandma, can I have more remains?" From that time, we have called them "David's Remains." David is 28 now, with three beautiful little girls.




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