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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

I have not been able to post any pictures. ImageShack, Photobucket and Picasa are not cooperating.
So until I get it all fixed, I won't be posting photos. DANG!! Thats my favorite thing to do. and I have hundreds of them.
Anyhow, I just want to let you all know that I'm still on the planet and all's well.
I guess I will have to try to post something interesting without the pic's.

I hope you are all ready for Christmas. I am for a change. I sent the last package yesterday. I made several kinds of cookies over the weekend, and sent a box of them to my Seattle cousin who had sent me a lovely cake-safe. I think thats what it's called. It's a creamy color and the base is on a six inch pedestal. The plate is scalloped with heart shaped cutouts all around the edge. The top is really pretty with a garland of roses around the side and butterflies. I will post a picture as soon as I can.

My sisters are coming today. We will watch a movie, 'Hobson's Choice' and go out for lunch. I love having time with them, but especially at Christmas time. We have so many wonderful memories of our childhood, which is many-many years past, and the precious Christmases with mom and dad.
It's funny how reminiscing with them can bring back the warm, sweet feelings. Thank God for good memories.

We don't have snow right now. Good thing too. I recently bought around 260 flower bulbs, daffodils, tulips, iris and can't remember what else, and need to get them planted soon. My son in law has a karaoke show and met a lady who has a nursery. She had a lot of bulbs left and is selling them very cheap. I'm always a sucker for a flower! LOL. Now if my back will just hold up for the job.

Enough said for now.
God bless and keep you all in his loving care.



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