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Saturday, December 30, 2006


Well Christmas is past and I'm having the 'after Christmas slump.' I managed to gain a few pounds, my jeans are tight and my hair is giving me fits. It's fine, skinny as spider webs, and very sparse. I bought a hat. That solved that! Sort of.
Sometimes I feel pretty old. Usually after a hard workout, But my spirit is still around 14. I think this is why when people get old they are sometimes accused of going through a second childhood. We like to blow bubbles with bubble gum and even soap bubbles. We find pleasure in simple things like watching birds and caterpillars. We have a deep desire to jump rope and sing the old jump rope songs we learned in grade school, but usually settle for the singing part because our glasses fall off, and our dentures tend to chip as they clack together when we jump, and besides, our front doesn't stay put like it did back then and we don't want a black eye.
No, I did not buy a red hat. I bought a black one to match my black eye.

I know, I know! I need more exercise, but I'm not shaped like this little lady. If I tried what she's doing, my body would stay in that position forever.
Not much needs to be said for this picture. It made me smile and that's enough. I love that sweet boy.

Ok, Ok!!! Now you know. I think he is one of the Lords greatest creations.
MY, OH MY, OH MY!!!!!!!!! Now I really do feel like a 14 year old!



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