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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

My daughter Patty-Jo and I babysat four of my great grandkids a few weeks ago. What fun!! Really it was. Their Nana and Poppy who are caring for them went to a party and we had the fun of getting them ready for bed and get them tired enough to sleep.
I have dozens of dolls under and on my Christmas tree and let the kids play with them and Kenny found a bag of cars and trucks . It was like Christmas morning with toys scattered all over the house, hearing the car engine noises little boys make and the delighted squeals of the little girls. My little Yorkies were running in circles with all the excitement. Come to think of it, so was I.Eventually they began to wind down and Hailee streteched out on the couch. Her cute little toes were sticking out from under her blanket. Kenny and Maddy were playful right up to the time they passed out. They are both three years old. I just love watching them play and hearing the funny things they say. They are cute as a bug's ear!
I turned on a kiddies movie and Patty held the little ones who were too tired to protest. It wasn't long before I saw Kenny's arm flop down and I knew he was passed out. Aren't sleeping babies just precious?
My little Toodles loves the kids but isn't used to having them around very much. I think he was relieved when they went to sleep.
So were Patty and I. It was fun but they sure wear you out.



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