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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

November of last year I did a couple posts concerning my views on this subject. I was somewhat surpirsed by the varied comments I received. The ones that bothered me most were by those who did not understand the partial-birth abortion procedure. It has been so widely publicized I thought everyone knew what it was. I know that many people don't even understand the true facts of abortion even in the first trimester.
Women of all ages have been led to believe that their fetus is just a glob of cells and not even a baby. This is a lie.
Because I am pro-life I feel it's important for everyone to understand exactly what abortion is and why I believe it is wrong.
First and foremost I am a Christian. I believe murder is wrong. Please let me be clear on this. There is a difference between murder and killing.
Websters Dictionary:
Murder: The unlawful and malicious or premeditated killing of a person.
Killing: To cause the death of.
I realize this can be misconstrued to mean the same thing, but think of it this way. What Saddam Hussein did was murder, what was done to him was killing.
The partial birth abortion procedure is not the same as abortion but both kill an innocent human being. There are dozens of sites available on the internet explaining the difference, some with very graphic pictures.
My November 2006 posts explain partial birth abortion.
Remember, this prodedure is performed on many full term babies, some still alive at the time the doctor inserts the instrument into the back of their scull, then inserts a suction device to remove the brain.
No one is certain at what stage of development a fetus feels pain. Doctors don't know. The infant has no voice, however the reaction of their little body at the time they are being killed is a pretty good indicator.
Do you remember the movie called "The Silent Scream?" The abortion of a 12 week fetus was shown through ultra-sound pictures. I saw this disturbing film and believe me, that fetus felt what was happening. When it's little mouth opened wide in what would have been a scream of pain, it broke my heart. How could anyone do this to another human being.
It's called abortion but in truth it is torture and murder.
One site says:
"…..As we all know, abortion is permitted throughout the nine months, or 39 weeks, of a pregnancy. The pro-life community has argued that pain can be felt by an unborn child as early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy.
Regardless of who ultimately is correct in this debate there is a logic that sooner or later has to cause alarm in all Americans. Even under the most conservative of estimates we live in a nation that is willing to abort a child who would feel the pain of the procedure as it occurs."
Ok now for the big question, "what about in cases of rape or incest?"
this is a difficult question to answer. I believe there are many things to consider. From all I have read, very few pregnancys are caused by rape or incest, and it used to be that doctors could be trusted to make the right decision, but these days most seem to be more concerned with their bank account. Lets face it. Abortion is a multi billion dollar industry.
I have such mixed feelings concerning the young girl who is raped. Or even the adult woman for that matter. She shouldn't be forced to raise a child conceived in such a horrible way. But is abortion the only solution?
What about adoption.
I don't believe there is ever a reason for abortion.
If you have more questions about abortion please check out the many sites available on the net. This is an important issue and we all deserve to know the truth about it.



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