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Friday, March 30, 2007

TORI FOUR DAYS OLD (click here)


Thursday, March 29, 2007

the following came from a Pro-Life newsletter I receive.
"Recently the evening news reported the touching, but soulful story of how our Soldiers responded in the face of death and tragedy.
The nightly news was on sight near Tikrit Iraq, filming inside a mash army hospital. The call went out for all Soldiers on base to report to the Army tent to give blood.
And who were they giving blood to? Four enemy Soldiers who were caught setting up a roadside bomb, that detonated before they were done.
Our troops rushed these four men to the Army tent, but were low on blood, so got in line to donate, and when asked by the reporter, "do you know who this blood will be used for?" the first Soldier in line said, "I do" The reporter said, "why would you do this?" He replied,
We salute our troops for the untold sacrifices they make every hour of every day, protecting our freedom and serving mankind.
I am wondering how these Iraq men feel about having the blood of their enemy running through their veins.


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Thanks to a California cousin I learned something new today!

Isn't it gorgeous?
It's the rarest of all naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena.
This picture was captured on the Idaho/Washington border. The event lasted about one hour.
Clouds have to be cirrus, at least 20K feet in the air, with just the right amount of ice crystals and the sun has to hit the clouds at precisely 58 degrees.

I would love to see this.

note: I'm not sure what the '20K feet means


Monday, March 26, 2007

"Be Mindful that happiness isn't based on possessions, power, or prestige, but on relationships with people we love and respect."

This June 1971 photo was taken on a two week camping trip with my parents, my sister and her family, and me and my five children. In the photo is my father Ken, age 53 and my youngest child, Shawn age 22 months.
I have always loved this picture.


Saturday, March 24, 2007

On the toes Matilda, Pas deValse!
Sitting Pretty In Her Tutu

Enjoying their Birthday Meat Pie

Happy Third Birthday Toodles! No he did not eat it, I made it for a prop!

He preferred the meat pie.

An Old Fashioned Postcard I found On The Internet

This old postcard was made with my Great Grandparents name printed on it. Dated 1911 from my great grandma Lovina to her son in Nebraska
Note says:
"My dear children I will write you to let you know of Grandpa He is doing better And aunt Bertha Rogers baby is at Ferndale hospital with pneumonia fever But was better yesterday I hope when this comes to hand it will find you all well Mother"
(My note: I have many old letters from the 18th & early 19 hundreds and find that punctuation was seldom used by my family. Was this true for everyone back then?)

This is my Great Aunt Effie Ecalbarger born in 1890 in Kansas City, Missouri. She is one of Lovina's children. I have never figured out why they always looked so sour in photographs. Anyone know?

I just learned that the name Effie is from the name Euphemia. Gracious!!

This looks weird but if you enlarge it you can see it is hundreds of snow frosted branches. This photo was taken out my back door a few years ago.

I got this in an e-mail a few days ago. I find it hard to believe that anyone would make a house in an iceberg! Wouldn't it melt from the heat source? Maybe this is someones idea of a joke!

Here's another place I would not live. Can you imagine an earthquake happening?

Hope you are having a great week-end! It's rainy and cold here and I'm on my way to the kitchen to make some popcorn and hot cocoa, put up my feet and watch a good movie!

God bless you all!


Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I started this quilt around 15 years ago. Many of my aunts, cousins, kids, grandkids embroidered pieces for me but I did most of them by drawing a picture on heavy Satin fabric then embroidering it. Each piece was basted onto a double size white sheet, then hand sewn into place with nylon thread, fine as fishing leader. Since all the pieces were secured into place, I have been embroidering around each piece using many different colors of thread and stitch patterns, some I made up myself. I even made a booklet of the stitches I invented. Lots of fun, especially naming them.
I have made many pieces with my ancestors names and dates but can't possibly make a quilt large to hold all of my ancestors or the quilt would cover my front yard!
I hope there are a few quilt lovers out there who will enjoy seeing this time consuming project. It isn't finished yet. I still have a little more embroidery, beads and buttons to add. Then the miserable job of putting a back on it.
I think if you click on the picture it will enlarge so you can see detail.
The post below this one has several close-ups.

See more below.


Here's a few close-up shots of some of the quilt pieces.
Click on them to enlarge.
This little blue stocking kept my Mikey's tootsies warm when he was around seven months old

The little red stocking kept my Shawnie's tootsies warm when he was about a year old.
The spider web has tiny beads sewn on to resemble dew drops. The little white doily was crocheted by my aunt Pauline who was born in 1906. And to the right bottom is me, pulling weeds!

The blue flowered piece is from my apron, which I wore for years. The thing resembling a spoon, "Aggie"is for a silver spoon mom had from the beginning of her marriage. We used her for making cakes and lots more. Aunt Elaine broke her and I'm still ticked about it! The black bottom kettle is for one that mom and my aunt and grandma all shared. It was blackened because it fit down into the fire when the lid was removed from the wood cookstove.

Hidden behind the tall Elm trees is the house my grandpa and great grandpa built, and where my father was born in 1917.

Ok, ok, I know. Panties do not belong in a quilt, but these are special. All three of my little girls wore them, They were the 'big girl panties' they were rewarded with when they learned to use the potty.

This is my G-G-Grandpa Jacob Ecalbarger who spent a year in the Clarion County Jail for stealing a beehive. It's not nice to steal, but I think he was very brave just the same. He could have chosen something that didn't sting.

My grandson Johnny embroidered this little duckling for me when he was around two. His mom made sure he didn't get poked but he did all the needling.
This piece is for all of the Irish Kings in my ancestry. They go back many years and I sure wish I knew more about them and their lives!

My Mikey got a dirt bike when he was around nine. I have a photo of him on it and tried to make a likeness for my quilt.

My Great grandparents, Andrew and Lovina Ecalbarger lived in a log house behind Keith's store at Ferndale, Washington. I know this because their granddaughter Pauline told me so.

Here's Great-Great Grandma Betsy scrubbing clothes & smoking her pipe. She is wearing a black necklace she made from her long black hair and Indian beads. She was an Indian lady. Her man was the beehive thief.

This is the sweet little house where I grew up. Mama's in the garden and Dad is building a boat. See our black dog Kernal across from the house? He looks like a black blob. Oh yes the little brown building 'out-back' is exactly what you think it is.

Yep, Charlemagne is in my family tree too. La-de-dah!

According to my genealogy research, Clovis and Clothilde were my many times removed Great grandparents. There is info about them on the internet.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Here are some pictures I have taken in the past few years of some of the posies in my yard.
So get your shovel and rake out, oil the wheelbarrow axel and dig out your elbow grease. The fun begins!
We'll fight bugs and slugs, snails, and rabbits, deer and crow, squirrel and mole, Torrents of rain, and gusty winds. Cold rain will run from the tip of our nose like a small creek, our hands become blistered and calloused, and our back will complain bitterly.
Then one fine summer day we can stroll in the sun through our precious posypatch and enjoy the rewards of our labor.
Making Honey
Sunlight Play On Zinnia
Orange Star
Star Of The Show, Morning Glory

Meet The Viola Family
A Dandy Little Lion

Orchid Violet
Prim As A Primrose
The Lovely Anemone


Sunday, March 18, 2007

SISTER DAY(click here for slide show)

A wonderful day with my sisters, we first went to Boomer's for lunch. This used to be an A&W drive in and has been around since at least the 60's and is well known for their incredible burgers and old fashioned shakes. Then we took a drive to Cherry Point, a nice, secluded beach. We were the only ones walking it. We found a 33 foot long sea kelp and made it into a sea serpent with a limpet hat and seaweed mane.
This area was inhabited by the Native Americans and I'm sure if one were digging deep enough, many fascinating artifacts could be found.
We had a wonderful day!

Does anyone know how I can make Image Shack open my slide show right on my blog page instead of having to click on my blog title?
This is very frustrating!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Where does your imagination take you when you see a patch of toadstools?
Here's where mine took me.

Ailionora's little heart thumped frantically as her gauzy wings carried her to hide beneath the tall toadstool cap. She clung tightly to the cool, damp stem, and waited. "Where, oh where be me friends?" She wondered. "An I be thinkin' they followed close behind me, but alas! I am alone and ever so frightened." It wasn't the first time she had been chased by that nasty old Macha."What a horrid one crone she is, always trying to cause trouble, and make war among me friends." Ailionora thought.

Out of nowhere, Flynn zipped in beside her. "Draw up yer' feet Ailionora, " he whispered, "They're danglin' beneath the rim o' the cap!" Quickly she yanked them up under her chin and thanked her good friend. Flynn was such fun. His hair was red as fire and he was usually making jokes and doing things to make her laugh, but today he was frowning and very serious. Flynn was a fighter with a wild temper too, and sometimes that was not a good thing.

Suddenly there was a loud 'boink' and the toadstool shook violently, as a familiar voice slurred, "well an why don'cha look out wher yer' goin ya fey thin thing y'are?" Gripping tight to the toadstool, lest they be shook loose, Ailinora and Flynn looked down to see the old lush Mabh. She had landed on her belly, skirt askew, her fanny in the air, but still holding her bottle of poteen tightly, as if it were a bottle of gold dust. "get ye up ye auld fool!" Flynn called to her, but Mabh just laughed as she drunkenly rolled on the moss beneath their hiding place. "I'll have to go n' ger er' before she gives us up," He whispered to Ailionora. He tried desperately to talk sense into the old Mabh, but she wasn't having any of it. She didn't even understand the danger she was in.

Through the tall toadstool stems, wise old Lugard came strolling; his tall walking stick lightly thumping along the way. "Well, well, well, an what ave we er?" He asked. "It's ald Mabh again. "Flynn answered. "She's been into the fermented potatoes again and a sorry lot she is. We must do something with er' before Macha sees us." Lugard, being the wise old one that he was, puffed on his smelly old clay pipe, and looked around. Then with the authority of an Army General, he said, "Make er' drink it ull. Quickly noo, jus pour it doon er' wrinklled auld throot." Flynn was sure she'd had enough of the stuff, but knowing old Lugard's wisdom, he kneeled beside old Mabh and held the bottle as she eagerly chugged it down. In just seconds, her tattered old wings drooped to the ground and she was out like a light. "Now take yer wee sword and chop off the floppity cap from that ripe toadstool oer' there an we'll cover er' with it and none'll be the wiser."

Flynn quickly obeyed and no soner was the drunken Mabh's lifeless body hidden and Flynn and Lugard tucked under the toadstool cap with Ailionora, when they heard Macha, screeching like a banchee. "Where air ye Ailionora? Answer me right this instant! Where ye be hidin?" Ailionora shivered with fear, and her friends moved in close beside her. "Don't ye be frettin yerself, I'll not let the old hag harm ye if I can help it." Flynn protectively whispered. She thanked him but her chin was trembling so, he could barely understand her.

They clung together waiting, then suddenly she was there. "AHA!!! I knew ye couldn't be far off. I could smell yer flowery fragrance AIlionora! Did ye really think ye could escape me?" Flynn flew between them and held up his shiny sword. Macha threw back her ugly head and cackled wickedly, "Do ye really think ye can stop me, ye wee red haired fool with nothin fer a brain!" Hot tempered Flynn was angered by her insult. His sword flashed in the bright sunlight as he lurched toward Macha, whipping it from side to side. The wicked one removed herself from harms way and growled for her back up.

Out from the tall stems marched two of the ugliest little trolls imaginable. The one she called Gloophn, had green slime hanging from his mouth and through his snaggly, decaying teeth. More clung to his filthy, gray jacket and even dripped from his raggedy trousers. His long fingernails were brown and looked like chicken claws. His ears were those of a donkey and his feet like bear claws. But the most shocking feature of this hideous little creature was his eyes. Very large, they took up nearly half of his face, dark pea green in color with red around the edge of the iris. His nose was large and blobulous and covered with more green slime. He smelled like the sewer he lived in.

The other she called Maaglah and he was just as ugly as Gloophn. The main difference in the two was that Maaglah's hair was a yellowish color and was matted with filth, and his eyes were yellow, one of which was always looking in different directions. He wore a rust colored jacket and dark grey trousers, both covered with filth from the sewer. His nose was long and very pointed at the end and his teeth were mostly missing. Maaglah drooled constantly. Flynn could understand why Alionora was repelled by them, and why Macha was so eager to keep them as her friends. They were very intimidating just because of their filth and ugliness.

Flynn looked them over carefully to see if they had weapons, but saw nothing to fear. He shoved Macha out of the way and challenged the trolls, who grinning wickedly, stepped slightly back. This gave Flynn more confidence and he whipped his shiny sword to and fro in the air as he smiled delightedly. Lugard warned him, "Careful my young friend, they've got somethin' up their sleve, watch yerself!" Slightly taken aback by his wise friend's warning, Flynn was reconsidering his plan when they rushed him, Maaglah knocked his sword from his hand while Gloophn sunk his filthy teeth into Flynn's wrist. The fetid breath of the thing as unbearable and Flynn fought the urge to wretch.

Maaglah pulled Flynn's arm behind his back and began to twist until Flynn thought his arm would pop from it's joint. He screamd in pain, as the wicked beast twisted harder. Then he heard Ailionora shriek in terror as Macha, cackling loudly, scratched at her ankles. Lugard kicked at Macha's claw like fingers and she howled in pain as one of her claw like nails fell to the ground. "Ye've broken me fingernail, ye fool! Ye fool!" She screamed.

Flynn's arm was bleeding profusely as Maaglah yanked at his fiery red hair. Gloophn was now clawing at Flynn's stomach and kicking at his legs. Flynn was loosing the battle and he knew it. What to do, what to do? Suddenly he let out a stifling Irish war cry and immediately help was there. First the warrior Murchada came to his aid, huge sword swinging wildly, cuting off Gloophn's right ear, which fell with a with a thump to the ground. Maaglah was taken aback; momentarily stunned by this change of events. He looked behind himself just in time to see the great warrior, Sloan dart in behind him, huge golden swords with emerald hilts in each hand. Gloophn shrunk back. Not a none had ever overcome the great warrior. He was unbeatable. "I am doomed," he thought. "I am no more."

Macha saw Sloan too, and with a quick duck from under the toadstool cap, she darted through the small forest. But the enraged Flynn saw her and was in hot pursuit instantly. He caught her just on the west side of the forest, and one quick thrust of his retrieved sword and it was all over for the old crone. "Ye'll never again harm those I call friend." Flynn proclaimed, as a huge black crow carried her lifeless form into the clouds.

Flynn rushed back to help Sloan and Murchada destroy the Trolls but found that they had taken care of that ugly deed and already the black winged angels of death were in flight with the trolls filthy bodies. Green slime still dripping from Gloophn's lifeless form and the scraggly yellowed hair of Maaglah flying in the breeze, in stark contrast to the black wings that carried him away.

The friends gathered at the base of the toadstool to inspect and care for their wounds, They eventually uncovered the frowning and quite hung-over Mabh. "What'r ye doin ere?" She asked. "Flynn smilingly remarked, "Oh well, we were just about to have a wee party, old Mabh. Won't ye be joinin' us?" Oh an to be sure I will" she replied. "but ye'll have to be waitin on another day, fer I need to be findin' my wee bed just now."

In minutes, Ailionora was reunited with her mother, Caireann at their wee cottage tucked into the mossy crevasse of the Innisfree hillside. "Come now me wee fairy child," Caireann smiled "Ye've had a busy day o' play no doubt, an now it's bein time fer yer supper. I've got the colcannon ye so like, and just look what yer mither found on the knoll today. A lovely shamrock tis, an good luck it'll bring to our wee cottage."

Happy St' Paddy's Day

(Just incase you are a wonderin' NO! I did not eat the toadstools)


Tuesday, March 13, 2007


There are several different stories about St. Patrick and how he drove the snakes from Ireland. Most are amusing but is it true?
Here's what I learned.

One story tells of St. Patrick standing on a hill and using a wooden staff to drive all the snakes into the sea, banishing them forever from Ireland. An exciting idea and I have no doubt that if one is empowered by the Holy Spirit this could actually happen.

Although it's true that Ireland has no snakes, this probably has more to do with the fact that Ireland is an Island and snakes can't get there unless brought in by soneone.

It is believed that the story of St. Patrick and the snakes is most likely a metaphor for his bringing Christianity into Ireland and driving out the pagan religions. (Serpents were and still are a symbol of evil)

The staff, or rod is a symbol of authority. So I believe that St. Patrick used the authority given him by the Lord God, to drive out the pagan religions (snakes).

Interesting, isn't it.



There's a lot on the Internet about his incredible and very interesting life. Certainly worth the read.

In Ireland, St. Patrick's day is both a holy day and a national Holiday. St. Patrick is the one who brought Christianity to the Irish. According to legend, he used a Shamrock, which has three leaves on each stem, to explain the Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. The Shamrock was sacred to the Druids, so it was very wise of him to use the Shamrock for that purpose.

St. Patrick's Day is celebrated in countries around the world.

When I was a school girl if we didn't wear green on St. Patrick's day we got pinched.

Many parades are held to celebrate the day. New York has one of the largest parades, lasting for hours with more than one hundred bands and a hundred thousand marchers.

My Irish ancestors first lived in New York after leaving their homeland. I often wonder how many of their descendants are still there, and maybe even marching in the St. Patrick's Day Parade.


Sunday, March 11, 2007


Meet Victoria Star 'Tori"
Born last night after just four hours of labor to a very brave mama who had natural childbirth. Really! no epidural. I could have used one myself! It's hard to watch your loved ones in such horrible pain.

Tori weighed in at six pounds fifteen ounces and is twenty inches long. Just a wee little bundle. She is a strong little thing with a good grip and a loud cry. To witness her birth were her two aunties, her grandma and her great grandma (me) as well as three nurses and the doctor.

I took over seventy-five pictures at the birth, and just finished runnning them through photoshop. I have them on a CD along with the pictures of the Ultra Sound when we were told "It's A Girl" as well as all the pictures I took at the Shower Patty and I had for her. The CD is a gift for Tori's brave Mama.

Tori's Big Brother Kenny, who is three, and his cousins are anxiously waiting to meet her.

WOW! what a night. I need a nap today!


Friday, March 09, 2007


Twenty-five years ago, my daughter Cyndi gave birth to her daughter Miranda. When she was wheeled out of the delivery room sitting on her mama's tummy Miranda had a sweet smile on her little face. Quite unusual for a newborn less than an hour old!
Tomorrow, if all goes according to schedule, Miranda will give birth to her daughter.

Am I a little excited? No, I'm a LOT excited!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

May you always have walls for the winds,
A roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
Laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
And all your heart might desire.

(I'm just warming up for St. Patrick's Day)


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A man was sitting on the edge of the bed, observing his wife as she turned back and forth, looking at herself in the mirror.
Since her birthday was not far off, he asked her what she'd like to have for her birthday.
I'd like to be six again, she replied, still looking in the mirror.
On the morning of her birthday, he arose early, made her a nice big bowl of Lucky Charms, then took her to Six Flags theme park. What a day! He put her on every ride in the park, the death slide, the wall of fear, the screaming monster roller coaster.....everything there was.
Five hours later they staggered out of the theme park. Her was head reeling and her stomach felt upside down.
He then took her to McDonald's where he ordered her a Happy Meal with extra fries and a chocolate shake.
Then it was off to a movie with popcorn a soda pop and her favorite candy, M&M's. What a fabulous adventure!
Finally she wobbled home with her husband and collapsed into bed exhausted.
He leaned over his wife with a big smile and lovingly asked, well Dear, What was it like to be six again?
Her eyes slowly opened and her expression suddenly changed.
I meant my dress size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I'm not usually awake to greet the sun, but because of a sore back, I was awake early this morning. This is what I saw when I looked out my kitchen window. The roof top is that of the neighbor's barn.
I didn't waste any time getting my camera, but I must have looked like the Pink Ghost of the mountain as I stood on the back deck in my night gown, the morning breeze whipping it around me like a pink flag.

I took a few more pictures but the color had gone. It's amazing how fast the color fades. I must have caught it at just the perfect time.

I am thinking I may set my alarm so I can get a few more nice sunrise shots.


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