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Sunday, August 31, 2008

I got the following e-mail and a phone call from my dear friend this morning. Please pray for her son who fell off a ladder.
"Hi, Would you send out the word to your prayer group. Jesse was hurt really bad on Saturday and needs all the prayers he can get.
He's in ICU and it doesn't look good.
Love, Bonnie"
Thank you all so much for your faithful prayers.
God Bless


Saturday, August 30, 2008


Madalyn will be five in October. She frequently asks her aunt Patty to tell her the story of "Handsome" and Gretel.

Yesterday I finished two days of testing. I have an appointment with my Cardiologist on the 3rd to learn the results. Thank you all for your continued prayers that all the tests will come back good.

This is the end of August but it has been feeling like fall around here for the past few weeks. Our temps have taken a dive and I am finding my green beans are rotting before they mature. I'm praying for more sunny days so the crops can ripen. I brought all my Epi's (Orchid Cactus) in this morning. Too much rain will rot them fast. The sun has come out today though and I am hoping to get the lawn mowed and beans picked.Have a blessed week end!


Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Little girls like dress up tea parties where they hold their pinkie finger just so when drinking tea and sample all kinds of pretty delicacies decorated with flowers and frills. Isn't it fascinating how they become dainty little ladies when they change from the blue jeans and tee's into a pretty dress? They walk differently, talk differently and put on their very best manners. they become little princesses.

Life is beautiful.

Little boy's on the other hand are at their finest form when they are camping out in the wild forest, barefoot and sometimes bare buttocks too. Rough and tumble, catching snakes and frogs, climbing trees and diving into anything that looks like water. Give them mud and freedom and they are in their element.

Life is fun.

Today's children are the decision makers of tomorrows world. Pray for them.


Sunday, August 24, 2008

I saw water Lily's in a movie and I said to my Lord how pretty they are. I called them Water Flowers. I said, "They're so pretty, I'm glad you came up with them."
Then I thought of all the unexpected places flowers grow. In the deep of the forest never seen by human eye, high in the tree tops where Father alone enjoy's his secret creations.
Then I wondered if there might be spiritual flowers that grow all around us that we cannot see because we lack Spiritual eyes.
It was then in my minds eye I saw flowers, fragrant and beautiful coming from my mouth with my breath as I spoke righteous words. I could see my Lord smile at my new discovery.
When I speak things that are not pleasing to Heavenly Father, what comes with my breath from my mouth? Is it Christ's tears?


Wednesday, August 20, 2008


We have had several days of rain so I'm not getting much done outdoors.
However, when the rain comes I am not without entertainment.
My desk is loaded, the coffee pot is full, my pen's and tablets are handy and I have files and scraps of paper with notes scattered all over. At times I feel a little claustrophobic and have to take a break. Tracking down ancestors is not as easy as it may seem. My sister Bonnie and I have been searching for the ancestors of our second great grandpa for years.
James Monroe Banks born in 1792 in PA. Ever heard of him?

Here are some of the ancestors we have been able to learn about. We get info from other relatives and a lot from the Internet too. It isn't enough to just fine their name and dates, I want to know what sort of people they were and where and how they lived. Here are more of my ancestors. I think it is so odd to see them pictured among such modern day tools. See my Computer speaker, camera and mike? You Can also see a picture of my kidlet's that was taken around 1971, and a few of my oil paintings.

Looking through my bean patch, over my tiny garden, to the little flower garden I call my 'Sugar Lump' to the fence and rose garden and on to my sisters garden next door. I love fun pictures like this. If you enlarge it you will see all the cucumber blossoms and maybe even a few squash. I took this one a few days ago when the rain stopped for a few minutes.

The Crocosmia are blooming nicely right now. And even though orange is not my favorite color it sure brings the yard to life now that most everything else is spent. I found bulbs for yellow ones this year and expect they will begin blooming next year. I still want to find some red ones. They are taller and just gorgeous!
Just look at this perfect rose bud. I started this one way back around 1996 from a rose my son gave me. This plant has been a delightful surprise, blooming from May till it freezes, and it is loaded with flowers!
Ok-ok I know there are lots of weeds growing in my garden. This low growing one is called purslane and is edible if you enjoy the flavor of dirt. That is what it tastes like to me. I think the bean vine growing around my little garden tool is so cute I just had to show you. Bean's aren't choosy about where they vine. I have some growing on my back deck, vining around the back of my Bistro chairs.
The tiny viola's are blooming in my gravel again. They reseed so easily and apparently the seed pods pop and shoot seeds in every direction because they are growing all over out there.

This one made me smile. Doesn't it look like it's grinning?

I had to reschedule my tests because I came down with the creepin'crud on Saturday morning. We will try again next week.

I hope you are all having a great week.

Remember to pray for our troops and our wonderful USA!


Monday, August 18, 2008

First I want to mention that our sweet friend Susan named me for a meme. I tried to do it but couldn't get the six names I chose to all highlight. I don't know what I did wrong. Susan had some interesting answers to hers so you can go over and read them.

We had some hot days last week and when the sun went down the sky was so unusual my sister and I just stood out in the golden world around us until it was dark and the stars were shining.
Night before last after the sun had set the sky turned a very unusual shade of purple. I grabbed my camera and took a series of pictures as the colors changed. I hope you enjoy the two I am posting.
You know, I am still in shock over this situation. I advertised on Free*cycle that I had some plants for whoever wanted to dig them up. I said, "Bring a strong shovel, a container and a bucket if elbow grease." You can imagine my surprise when a young lady showed up wearing thong type sandals with straps that wrapped around and around her leg but kept falling down, a white long sheeve sweat shirt , a black hat and this little skirt. I couldn't believe that she was able to get a big hunk of the Lemon Balm she was after. That stuff really has a massive root system!
This little gal was tough as a rock. Mini and all.


Friday, August 15, 2008


I talked with my friend John today. (He lives in Maryland) and is having chemo. He told me that he is not having any bad reactions to it and has not missed any work. He is in high spirits with a positive Christian attitude. I am so proud of him. We know it's the prayers of all of you including his Christian friends in Maryland that are bombarding heaven and touching the heart of our precious Lord. Thank you all and thank you Heavenly Father.
There is a facinating story about John and I and How we 'found' each other even though we live 3,000 miles apart.
One of these days I will share it with you.
We have even discovered that we were both in the same class in the same grade school here in Whatcom County in 1948. I am in the top row second from the left. John thinks he is the cute little guy on the far left in the middle row.
Click to enlarge the photo
I spent several hours with my granddaughter today. Her incision looks absolutely miserable It must be a foot long. There are both staples and stitches holding it together. Her surgeon found a two inch long blood clot blocking the artery in her leg. I thought they removed blood clots but they found another artery that she didn't have to have and used it to bypass the clogged artery.
She looks good and is getting around with the help of a walker right now. I am confident that she will be up and back to chasing after her two little one's before long. Thank you so much for your faithful prayers. I have no doubt whatever that it is these prayers that have saved her.
It's been hotter than a firecracker here. The past few days I felt like I might melt like that witch in the Wizard Of Oz!
Tomorrow is supposed to be hot too but it's supposed to cool off the first of the week. That sure won't hurt my feelings!
I have a question. Sometimes one of the letters on my key board seems to get stuck and it will make the same letter many times, like tttttttttttttttttttttttttttttthis. Does anyone know what causes that and how I can correct it. It is very annoying!
Love to all


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

My granddaughter had surgery yesterday. You may remember she was told she had a blood clot in her leg at first. Then her doctor said no it wasn't a blood clot but the vein was kinked or some thing and she was not in any imminent danger.
Well it was a blood clot after all. It was removed and she is doing good. Hopefully she will be able to go home tomorrow, but will have to take it easy for a while until the leg heals.
I am trying to figure out how the doctor could have made such a mistake. It would have been better if he said he didn't know what it was.
We are thankful for your prayers.
Below I have posted about another wedding.



They had a local bakery do their cake but it wasn't done right. It was about the nakedest looking cake I ever saw. My daughter and I picked it up to drive it to the ranch where the wedding took place but we stopped first and picked up some silk flowers and when we got it delivered we decorated it.
This is what we did. The cake top ornament the couple chose is a snow dome with their picture in it. I think it's just darling. In the next picture you can see them better.
Do you see my little pink doves too? I have to get them on all the cakes I decorate. I'm really sort of glad the bakery didn't do anything but put the blue ribbon around them because as I told my grandson. "Grandma got to decorate your cake after all." They didn't ask me to make their wedding cake because we had been doing so many they thought it would be too much for me. Are they precious kids or what? Here the groom is getting a hand with his tie from his brother Luke.
Seeing them now as grown men makes my head spin. It was just yesterday they were little boys.

The wedding begins.
Here the ring bearer leads Ethan to the front where his parents await their vows. When he got there he did a perfect little boy thing and threw himself on the floor and proceeded to try and get away. His grandparents ended up holding onto him while his parents said their vows. Ethan is 16 months old now.Can you just see the love? Jake and Jenn have been together for several years and have been through a lot with their little son being so ill when he was a new born. Many of you remember he had seizures and I asked for prayer. Again my heartfelt thanks for your Christian love and your faithful prayers. As you can see, Ethan is a perfectly healthy and very intelligent little boy. Praise be to Almighty God!
Their first kiss as Mr & Mrs.
Another special event took place this day. They had little Ethan Dedicated to the Lord. Do you think that made this old granny happy. OH MY!!!! I could have squealed just like a perfectly delighted little piggy!

The dancing begins and our beautiful bride danced first with her dad, then her new husband and in this shot with her ring bearer.
It wasn't long before the children were all doing their own interpretations of dance. I love watching them because they are so original and not really caring what anyone thinks. They know how to have fun.
My great grandson Dylan and the Ring Bearer had a very original dance. I have seen lots of dances but never saw this one before. It was fun until Dylan didn't duck his head low enough when he dived between the ring bearer's legs and the ring bearer had to hide himself under the table until the pain subsided. I didn't see them dance after that.
The end of a perfect day.
I absolutely love this picture.
Ethan looks so happy, and obviously his mama and daddy are too.
God bless you Jake and Jenn and little Ethan.


Wednesday, August 06, 2008

First I want to say I got a bread machine through Free Cycle and need a manual or at least some basic instructions
It made by Regal Kitchen Pro and is model # 6761.
Can anyone help me out?
Did you know that Foxglove has hair? Neither did I. Click to enlarge and you can see the fuzzy head and the chin whiskers too.
I never saw a fox wearing one of these but I'd like to.

I call this my Schoolgirl rose because the mother plant was growing beside a neighbors house and I saw it every day when I went to and from school. The neighbors have been gone a long time and so is their little white cottage. But the rose is still growing wild and wonderful in what is now a field. I got a start and here she is growing on my back fence. I think she's beautiful.
Did you ever get snapped at by a dragon? Neither have I but if I do I'd hope it's this kind. See the brave little bug crawling down to say howdy?'
This is an interesting plant and I don't have a clue what it's name is. The yellow flower is much smaller than seen and grows in clusters at the tip of the stems which are around 2' tall. The leaves are a maroon color.
Here's a cute couple. Kitty says, "I don't care if your ears are so much bigger than mine, I love you anyhow!" Oh dear Lord, let us all love one another with this sweet kind of love."

I think this group of snapdragon blossoms sort of resembles a critter of some sort. Maybe floral a cow...
Oh how I wish you could get a whiff of this wonderful rose. The fragrance is incredible. This rose changes color as it ages and will end up being red and white. I just love this little sweetheart!
My swinging angel got a new paint job this spring. It's a little bright but it will fade out some. One of the sweetest things I have ever seen was when my great granddaughter Madalyn was just a toddler and saw this angel on my deck. She studied it for a minute then toddled over to it and began to push the angel so she could swing. It was just precious to see.
I think I mentioned in a previous post that I had to put net over my pond to try and keep out the blue herons, raccoons and dogs. Yes, dogs!! Some of the large neighborhood dogs have decided my pond is their public pool and jump in every time they get too warm. The net didn't stop them either. I was up there tonight and see that they have been skinny dipping again.
Oh how I love this gorgeous flower. I had several Portulaca last year but forgot to get them this year. I missed them very much. You can be sure they will be on top of my list next year. I grew them in big pots on the north deck and they thrived.
I had a big day. Met my new Cardiologist who ordered three tests which will be coming up this month. I'm thankful for the tests and new med's and all the modern medical technology but I'm not looking forward to having the tests done.
Some prayers wouldn't hurt my feelings.
Love to all and goodnight


Monday, August 04, 2008

Apparently there is some confusion concerning the bypass I wrote about in my previous post. My granddaughter does NOT have a heart problem. Her heart is good and strong. The bypass I mentioned is in her leg where there is some sort of blockage in the vein. I believe the surgery will be on the 12th.
Thanks so much for your concern and prayers.
I just love you guys!


Saturday, August 02, 2008

I got news today the my Friend John in Maryland is slowly improving. I spoke with his brother and he said it's looking good.
My granddaughter's surgeon got another x-ray and said there is not a blood clot in her leg but there is a blockage of some sort. He is scheduling surgery to do a bypass. And the news that relieved us all is that she is not in any imminent danger!
My children's father has learned that the cancer is not in his bone marrow. This is good news. I haven't heard yet what treatments he will have.
My friend Joan in Canada is still fighting that infection. I haven't heard from her or her son, but did get a little update from my cousin.
'Joan if you read this, please know there are many praying for your healing.
We love you and want you well so we can get together for lunch again soon.'
Well that's the update dear friends. Please keep praying. He isn't finished yet.
God bless all


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