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Thursday, May 31, 2007

(And all the other ones too!)

A once popular song claimed that God didn't make little green apples. Well here's proof that He did and does! These little emerald gems are gifts of the dear old Gravenstein tree whose blossoms I posted earlier.
Ordinarily seeing little green apples on an apple tree probably wouldn't be anything to blog about, but in this case, I really need to share.
Last year there were very few apples due to a late frost, and also because this tree is so old and so huge that I can't prune it.
I have never used any type of sprays on it so it's basically under the care of the Lord.
As many of you probably know the use of pesticides has killed off many of our honey bees, so pollenization is also a serious problem.
Not many years ago I could stand under this tree and watch and hear swarms of honeybees at work.
This year I went out several times hoping, praying for the bees to come and pollinate, but I truly did not see one single bee of any kind. I was hoping for a good crop to share with family, but it looked like that was not going to happen.
Then one day as I was wandering in my yard, I glanced at the dear old tree again, and as the feeling of hopelessness began to fall on me, I realized that there was still hope.
I prayed, "Lord, send the bees to pollenate all the fruit trees for your children."
I simply dropped it right there and left the problem with him.
For the past few weeks I have kept busy with the many projects I have going, but twice I have gone out to have a look.
As you can see, the blossoms were pollinated. I don't know how He did it. Maybe he sent angels with little paint brushes to fly around and see to this prayer, maybe a swarm of bees came when I wasn't looking. However it happened, I KNOW it was because my lord heard my prayers and he loves me.
Thank you father.
Oh yes, the little Fugi tree in my back yard, that I severly pruned and did not expect any fruit from this year was also visited.
Coincidence? Not a chance!


Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Victoria Star at two and a half months old

Now I lay me down to sleep.........
We teach them young around here.
Isn't she just adorable?

Sorry a couple of these are blurred. My camera was not adjusted properly.


Sunday, May 27, 2007

MEMORIAL DAY REMEMBEREDJust see how my patriotic daughter has decorated her home in honor of this holiday!
Patty-Jo's yard is landscaped beautifully. She's one of those little gals who needs all her ducks in a row and manages it! Did I mention that she is also a Master Gardner?
Below is a copy of a letter written sixty-two years ago to his mother by my Uncle Ted, who served in the Army during WW II, leaving behind a wife Chic, and two small children. In 1945, he was shot in the wrist and hospitalized, then later shipped home. I have the original letter but was not able so scan it for you. (new computer woes)
I should mention that Ted dearly loved his mother who was worried sick for him. As I read this letter I smiled at his effort to reassure his mother of what a 'good time' he was having. Can you imagine? A wounded soldier, away from family having a good time? HA!
May 16 1945
Dear Mom,
Just a short line to let you know that all is well with me. I am at the 39th General Hospital, and having a good time. My wound was nothing to worry about, just a slight wound in the left wrist. It is pretty sore at times, but usually feels pretty good.
We have fine food here, nice soft beds and women nurses, and they sure treat all of us swell.
we see a show every night in a large outdoor theater. I can't tell you where I am but I am quite sure Chic can tell you.
The weather here is hotter than hell and we sleep every night without anything over us. I have everything I need except mail from home, and that probably won't catch up with me for a long time. I don't know how long I will be here, but you write to me here, I might get it.
We have a very nice Red Cross building here, nice soft chairs and lots to read. I am there most of the time. They are always bringing us patients apples and fruit juices between meals. I should gain back my weight in short order.
Well mom, see all the kids for me and give them my love. Kiss my wife and babies for me.
Your son,


Thursday, May 24, 2007


My daughter Patty-Jo and her family gave me this pretty varigated Lilac, I just love how each petal is trimmed in white. It's fragrant too.
This brave little robin sat for his portrait so nicely. Actually his expression depicts and attitude I think.
This is actually a tiny rose. I saw it growing in someone's yard several years ago. My Patty-Jo asked the owner for a piece for me to start. It has been cut back a few times and it still about five feet tall. It 's just beautiful.

These freeloaders were lunching on my Solomon Seal. A doe lives close by and has twins every year. This pair belong to her. They were very friendly and let me get quite close.

You can't really see it in this picture, but my Snowball tree was so full of flowers this year that it began to droop on one side. Then we had a hard rain and now it is nearly laying on the ground. I have to do some research and learn when to cut it back.


Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Here she is sunning herself on my Snowball tree . Innocent looking little thing if you don't notice the wicked stinger.
I have a lot of stories about these little honeybugs, but one in particular stands out.

My son made me a lovely clothesline several years ago. He attached it to my back porch with a pulley and then climbed high up a Maple tree and secured it there. Oh how I loved that clothesline. I could stand on my porch and hang all my laundry out to dry and never have to go wading in the snakes.

One day when removing dry, fragrant clothes from the line, I was in a bit of a hurry so didn't shake them out as I usually did but quickly folded them and put them all away, including my 'unmentionables.' The next morning I had put on my panties and jeans (hadn't dressed my top half yet) then bent over to put on my shoes when I had the most horrifying pain on my bottom. It had me hopping all over my bedroom like an overgrown grasshopper. It took a minute before I realized that I had been stung. I ripped off my jeans and panties, and sure enough, the little beastie was still clinging to them. I quickly slapped it onto the floor and sent it to bee-heaven.

When the shock of being stung had worn off, I pulled a bra out of the drawer and carefully inspected it. I didn't see anything inside so flipped it over to check the other side. Nothing there either but I thought if there was a bee it may have quickly crawled to the other side. So there I was for several minutes, standing half dressed flipping the bra from one side to the next trying to find another bee that I just knew was hiding so it could sting me. I didn't wear a bra that day, but spent quite a while carefully unfolding and searching all the laundry. I was always very careful to shake out and investigate my dry laundry after this.

I don't have that lovely clothesline now, but I remember the slapping sound the sheets made as the wind blew them dry, and I also remember climbing into a freshly made bed with those fragrant sheets hugging me goodnight.


Monday, May 21, 2007

I want to thank my dear Texas friend Ken, who created this blog for me and has always been there when I need help with computer problems. Everyone should have someone as precious as this young man in their life. Ken you are a blessing and a treasure. God bless you!
You will find Ken's blog icon under my gmail in the left hand column.
Ken keeps us updated with all the political business happening in our world.

Here's Ethan, grinning at his daddy, I think. Just look at that little sweetie pie!

Victoria on Mother's Day. She wasn't in her best mood when I snapped this picture. She usually smiles at me. :)
Here is one of my very large tulips. I was so impressed I had to get a picture of it. I put my hand behind it for contrast so it isn't actually as large as it looks. I should have put my hand
beside it.


Saturday, May 19, 2007

If your monitor EVER displays a blue screen with white lettering saying (in part)
"Microsoft has detected a problem.................."
I didn't because I thought it was just another one of those Microsoft
thingy's that keep popping up..
I've learned that it's called the "blue screen of death."
I don't know exactly what the problem was, but my monitor and keyboard stopped working. My Niece Anne, and son in law Lorne have tried to fix it, but so far the problem hasn't been found.
My son-in-law is trying to save all the info on my hard drive. So far he hasn't been able to open it. I am PRAYING he can and the info is still there. The not knowing is a real pain. There's years of data on that little black box.
Another word of advice,
"back up what's important!
I did some back up but not enough. I have several years of hard work in genealogy files on that hard drive. This old gal is learning, unfortunately, the hard way!
I hope what I have written will save some of you from this hideous experience.
I'm learning my way around the new computer. It's foreign and the keyboard is so tiny, I think it was meant for kindergarten kids. I am getting an adapter so I can use my old one.
I will be working on my picture files and have some new photos to post. Of course the most precious are my family. Baby's Victoria and Ethan are doing well. Victoria is so delicate and lady like, except when she's wet or hungry. She has a very loud cry, but her endearing smile makes up for it. LOL
Little Ethan has long red hair and looks just like a little country boy to me. He is adorable. He lets us know when he's hungry and is eating good now. This little guy has a one sided grin that just melts my heart.
I'll stop for now. There's a lot to catch up on, but it will take time. I'll get around to your blogs as soon as I can.
Thanks for your continued prayers for my precious family.
God bless you all.


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