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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


This interesting metal sculpture is in the front yard of a house a few blocks from me. I don't know where all the parts came from but I must say someone has a good imagination!
Here's another piece. Notice the bike seat has been made in to a bird, This piece of art also sits proudly in the creator's front yard. Interesting, isn't it?

GUESS WHO CAME FOR DINNER? This is the Blue Heron that feasted on my goldfish a few years ago. Now I have another one visiting Mountain Mama's "Fly In Cafe" The end of last week I looked out my kitchen window to see a huge bird standing in the middle of my pond. I know what it was doing. He ate most of my goldfish. I covered the pond with fish net so if he can't get in there again. Unfortunately I have only seen one goldfish since he dined. There was at least twenty before the Heron came.

Notice how big this bird is. The solar lamp beside it is about two and a half foot tall.

I love this picture of my Tudie looking out the window. It was taken some time ago, but he still stands up on the arm of the chairs in order to see what's happening in the big world outside.

I sure love this little critter!

Ok, here's an interesting blossom. I bet no one will be able to guess what it is!


On Sunday I made up a new recipe. I love it and Patty-Jo suggested I write it down so I don't forget. I think some of you might like to give it a try too.

I had some of last years Fugi Apple harvest in my crisper drawer that were beginning to look more wrinkled than me, so I peeled and sliced them.

In a 9X13 baking pan, I melted a cube of butter, then stirred in about a cup and a half of brown sugar. After it was all mixed, I added a cup of chopped pecans. (It's sort of sounding like Pecan Praline's, isn't it?) YUM!

I layed the sliced apples over top

Then I mixed up a spice cake mix according to directions except I only added two tablespoons of oil instead of the half cup it calls for. I also added a teaspoon of cinnamon, a half teaspoon cloves and a teaspoon allspice. (Store bought cake mixes never have enough spice for me). After the cake was mixed well I poured it over top the apples, and baked it at 350 degrees for about half an hour. I tested with a toothpick to be sure the center was done.

As soon as it came from the oven I inverted it on a large cooky sheet, and had an Upside Down Pecan Praline, Apple Spice cake. I can't describe the fragrance, but if you can try to imagine caramel apples with spice, that's pretty close.

I wasn't going to admit this but I tried to do a Paula Deen, you know how she always tastes her recipes while they are still steaming? Well don't ever do that. My tongue is still sore. We can't believe everything we see on TV!

After it had cooled a bit, I had a big piece with cool whip. Delicious!

This is a recipe worth trying. And you can use any flavor cake you want.

Well this is all for now. I hope you are having a really great week, and you and yours are well.

Don't forget to say your prayers.



Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wishing Well and blossoms

Look at what my Patty-Jo and her son John who is 17 brought me! And it's big. Someone had it in their front yard as a give away.
I am still amazed that John carried it all the way to the back yard for me. He just sort of stuck his head and shoulders into it and away he went.
I am always astounded at the strength of a man, and so delighted that he would use this strength to make his grandma happy. What a fine young man he is!
Now the question. I'm hoping for suggestions as to what I should plant in it. It measures about 2 foot across and the only thing I am planning for it so far is some cucumbers that I have started. I would like some flowers with them. Any ideas?

I have been doing a LOT of yard work which is usual for this time of year. But a few days ago the sun was very bright and the thermometer read 60 degrees and I needed some R&R, so took my camera outside for some posy photos. Believe it or not, this is a tulip. I have another like it that is yellow. They look like a Peony or rose. I think they are fascinating.

I have a nice little garden with all kinds of daffodils. I think this one looks very proud of itself. I love the blue sky behind it.

More tulips. I seem to have a lot of yellow and orange colored ones. Don't they just jump right out and say 'Howdy!'

Several years ago my daughter and her husband were living in a home with this weeping cherry tree in front. She didn't like it so her hubby dug it up and brought it to me. (I have never turned down anything that has a flower on it.) He even planted it for me in the front yard which took some serious digging.

A few years ago my family re-landscaped my front yard for me and the Cherry had to be moved to the back yard. He and a friend of his daughter did that job for me too.

It has taken a few years for it to be happy again, but just look at the lovely blossoms it is blessing me with this year.

When I look around my yard and see all the beautiful flowers and shrubs and trees, I feel absolutely blessed.

Thank you precious Father for all of your glorious gifts.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

A wedding, snow and posies

Here are my grandson Luke and his Bride Ricci with Luke's parents and myself.
They were married on Saturday afternoon at the bride's parents home. It was a small but very touching wedding. Yes I got tears, and oodles of pictures. I ate ice cream cake and drank champagne. Whoo-Hoo! What a great day!
Congratulations Luke and Ricci! I pray you have a lifetime of wedded bliss.

I took the above photo looking out the windshield on the way home from the wedding. I like the sunset and the long straight road. There is something calming about the darkness of this photo.

Yes, we have been getting snow for the past three days, and the wind is absolutely freezing cold! I was able to walk the pups this afternoon, but the wind is still pretty chilly and Gailbraith mountain which is close to me is all white again. Dang!!! I thought it was spring! So did the hummers. See their feeder?

A few weeks ago I bought two ranaculus. As you can see one is a lighter shade of pink. I love them but hadn't got around to getting them in the ground. It's a good thing because they can't take freezing temps. These lovely flowers are sitting on my kitchen counter until old man winter gets lost and Miss. Spring makes her grand appearance!

I thought you'd like to see the window sill above my kitchen sink. I've noticed that in more modern homes, you don't see window sill's much anymore, but I love them and wouldn't want a house without them. Where else can I put all my cute treasures and precious plants?

See the two Impatient plants? I had them growing on the back deck last year and when fall came and the temps began to drop, I did what I have done for many years. I snip a small piece of the plant and put it in a glass of water on this window sill. Within a week or so it has roots so I plant it in a cute little pot. I found these pots at our Goodwill store. One was a dollar and the teapot that the pink impatient is in was a quarter. Can't beat the price.

Throughout the winter I have watered them and started giving a little fertilizer in February, which made them double in size. They have bloomed all winter for me and are still going strong.

This is a nice way to bring your summer flowers indoors to enjoy throughout the cold winter months. And when I look through the blossoms to the icy snow on the ground outside, it sort of makes me feel sassy.

Well dear friends, this has been a fun weekend, even if we did get snowed on. The wedding was lovely and so was the champagne. ((((smile))))



Thursday, April 17, 2008


Here is Ethan's first birthday cake. He had many guests to help him celebrate on his special day.

His mama and daddy helped him open gifts. There was a huge pile of them and I expect the little guy got a bit worn out with all that hard work, but he was patient as his mama read all the cards. He did get a little carried away playing with the pretty wrapping paper a few times, just like a one year old should. In this shot, Ethan is wearing a new hat which he loved.

He loves his new wheels too! Only a year old and not quite walking yet, but he figured out how to make this little car go in record time. Isn't he the cutest?

Ok, here's the big moment. Cake time! His mama made a special little cake just for him to do with as he wished.

As you can see in this picture, Ethan wasn't sure what he was supposed to do with it. His daddy and mama helped him figure it out by putting their own fingers in that sweet sticky icing, then putting Ethan's hands in it.
Ok, now he has it. Not just fingers, but entire hands are exploring the little cake. Frosting is beginning to travel up his arms, even to his chubby little elbows. Isn't it sort of funny how at one year we encourage them to play in their birthday cake and shortly after that we are teaching them not to play in their food? LOL

Now he's enjoying the feel of the icing between his fingers and has even had a little taste of it. He seemed more interested in playing with it than eating it. By the looks on their smiles, his mama and daddy are thoroughly enjoying little Ethan's first birthday party.

Looking at these pictures and seeing a perfect and healthy little boy, I can't help remember what it was like a year ago when he was an infant having seizures. I thank God for all of you who took this little child into your heart and offered up prayers for his healing.
Once again I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
And thank you my dear Heavenly Father for your loving mercy.


Friday, April 11, 2008


This cute award was given to me by Merle.
I have never yet visited her blog and not had a good laugh. This lady has more jokes than anyone on the net!
Thank you Merle. You are a sweetie!
As most of you must know by now, I am partial to Yorkies, especially my own.
However I found this picture on the internet and thoght it was so cute I just have to share it. A Yorkie pup with a pacifier. Isn't he just adorable?
I guess this one cold be called 'trick photography.' I was actually trying to get a picture of my lovely silver gazing ball reflecting the trees in the woods and the flowers on my deck, but I also got my little girl Yorkie, Tildy, and me in the shot. I think it's kind of neat.

Well dear friends, the flowers are blooming and the weeds are growing faster than I can pull them out. The birds and squirrel's are all twitterpated and the hummers are back. It's overcast today but I am hoping the sun and breeze will dry my grass so I can mow.

I hope you all have a great week end and get to do something fun. I get to go to Ethan's first birthday party tomorrow. Remember him? The little baby who was having seizures until we all prayed for him. He is a perfectly healthy little boy. :)

Thank you all for your prayers and thank the Lord for his loving mercy.


Saturday, April 05, 2008


click on photo's to enlarge
My youngest daughter and her family live in the forest where I enjoy taking my camera out looking for pictures. I find some in unlikely places, thanks to the super macro setting on my camera!
These toadstool's are actually very small, probably not more than a half inch in diameter. The moss, twigs and leaves make a nice background. I like how the light shows through the lower part of the smaller one.
This is what the hazelnut trees look like in the early spring. I like to think of these catkins as the Lords decorations.
This is a view down the hill before the trees have any leaves. The Trillium's are not blooming yet in this picture.
I need to do a little research on the different types of lichen we have. I think this one is pretty, whatever it is.
Here's another one growing on a fruit tree. I've seen this type used in floral decorations.
I believe this is some sort of moss. it isn't very pretty but it's interesting just the same. It was growing on a fruit tree with some Lichen.
Here are the buds of the flowering quince. I have always loved this shrub, but have never had one. The blossoms are a bright pink and one of the first to bloom around here. After the bleakness of winter this pretty flower can make my heart sing!
This little clump of moss was about the size of a silver dollar. The green is very bright and a bit translucent. The brown stick looking things around it are pine needles. (I love macro!)
A late winter scene. Moss, fern, dried leaves and fallen branches. Can you see any beauty in this. I can, but I also see work. Where's the rake! LOL
Here is another type of moss. If you click to enlarge it you can better see the tiny brown things which I believe were the seed pods. It looks like a tiny forest.
This rock is about two foot long and the moss seems to love it. Just look how it clings and is so healthy looking.
I think this plant is very interesting but I don't have a clue what it is.
There are so many interesting plants in the world but we don't usually see most of them while we are walking. It pays to get on our knees once in a while and see what the woodsy critter do.
While you are down there, I know there is someone who would love to hear from you....
Have a blessed week


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