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Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Cyndra or Cyndi as I call her is my third daughter, In this picture she is four years old. When she and her sisters were very young, I asked them what they wanted to be when they grew up. The oldest wanted to be a teacher, the middle one wanted to be a Mommy and Cyndi said she was going to be the queen. We frequently remind her in a joking way.
This picture of her was taken in one of those twenty-five cent photo booths at out Newberry's store in 1963. I put it in Photo*Shop and had some fun adding posies.

Here is our queen now at age 49. Cyndi needs prayer. Her doctor found some polyps in her uterus and she is having a D&C on Friday. After that they will set a date for a hysterectomy.

We are praying the surgeries will go smoothly and she will heal quickly. And of course we are also praying that there are no bad cells.

My friend John called today to let me know that his last blood test a week ago showed that his counts are up higher than they have been. He is fighting a second battle of prostate cancer with chemo right now. He thinks his doctor may want to begin a more aggressive dose.

I can't tell you how much your prayers are coveted for these two important people in my life. But I want to thank you so much for them.

On a happy note, John passed all the tests he had to undergo with the police force and his job is once again secure for now. This is an answer to prayer.

My niece Teresa is doing good. Stronger every day and is now able to take care of her family. She is still on the medication to dissolve the blood clots and we are praying that the doctors will know exactly when to wean her off it and that she will never have problems like this again. It scared us all out of our wit's!

Thank you all for being such wonderful friends, for your faithful prayers and the uplifting posts and the sweet comments you leave. It's because of you that I have been blogging for nearly four years.

May our precious Lord bless each of you with a very happy, healthy and peaceful New year.

I love you all!


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

All Christmas'd out and doing some little boy dreaming, Kenny plays with his helicopter while munching chips...
while baby sister Victoria takes good care of her new baby doll.

The inticing smell of turkey roasting and all the other wonderful fragrances of the dinner to come bring an abundance of help to the kitchen Queen.

Matthew the cat finds a safe place to rest on the piano top. Away from the many feet now dominating his territory, while his favorite person in the world coaxes him down.

Ethan is a busy little fellow. Enchanted with all the sparkle and fun of Christmas, he just kept going long after his great grandma was pretty much done for!

Yes, we had a white Christmas, A very white one in fact. It was pretty but I'm glad I didn't have to drive in it. My son-in-love (the one Matthew the cat owns) was my taxi man. This man has been such a blessing to me. Always ready and willing to help in any situation.
I hope you all had a very special Christmas and made some wonderful memories.

I want to wish you all a new year filled with love, peace, good health and above all, a closer and more more meaningful relationship with our Lord God.


Thursday, December 25, 2008

"And she shall bring forth a son, and thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins."
Matthew 1: 21


Little Babe holy babe, wrapped in Mary's arms,

Gentle infant, fragrance sweet, protected from all harm.

Little child, dimpled knees, loving, touching all he sees

Busy child, Mary's joy, growing fast, a sweet young boy.

Holy son, in the temple, reaching, teaching your Father's love,

Strong young man on the mountain, they come to hear your words of hope.

Broken hearted in the garden, not a friend stands by your side

Snow white lamb. the sacrifice, you gave your life for me.

You lived, and loved, and died, for me dear Christ, for me...

Little Babe, precious one, Mary's boy, our Father's son,

Task complete, our risen King, we rejoice, the Angels sing.

Gentle infant, Mary's joy, teacher, savior, Father's boy,

We rejoice, the Angels sing, our holy Lord our risen King.


Monday, December 22, 2008

Her branches were nearly bare. Only a few withered leaves remained, fluttering in the late autumn wind. Leaves lay brown and crispy on the ground around her trunk, her Long branches raised as if in worship. This was the special year. She had been chosen.
Throughout the pounding rains and freezing winds, small clusters of withered fruits huddled close together, clinging desperately to her brittle twigs, holding tight to mother tree. They weren't ready for the transformation to come.
It wasn't time.
Then one hard December freeze and a blustery wind broke them free. The seeds drifted to the ground nestling deep beneath the leaves where they slept until the robins awakened them in the spring.
He awoke with a start as he heard the song of the birds. Happy to feel the warmth of the sun and enjoying his place in the earth, he dug in and grew.

During his first years he thrived. His roots grew long and strong and his branches became longer and multiplied. His leaves were shiny and without blemish. He gave his furry and feathered friends shelter from the hot sun and the harsh rains. Friends of every shape and color visited him often. He welcomed each one and gladly supported them on his strong young branches.
Through the seasons and years he grew taller and stronger. The high winds barely rustled his smaller branches. His roots held him firmly in place. The hot summer sun toasted the grass around him until it was dry and yellowed, and some of the other trees withered away, but not him.

It wasn't time.
His roots had grown so deeply that they drew life giving water and nourishment from far under the soils surface. He thrived and grew more beautiful and strong.
His branches stretched up toward the heavens.
Many seasons passed, and he grew more magnificent with each. His once young and spindly branches had become huge, very strong and gloriously beautiful. He was a king among all his kind, admired and loved.
Then one day a woodsman came.
It was time.
All of his friends were frightened and left him. He stood alone as the sharp axe cut into his trunk. He wished for the comfort of his friends, but one one remained. He was sad to be leaving this place he had known and loved and his heart was broken to be leaving his dear friends but he had a mission. This was the design of the most high.
The carpenter prepared me. He removed my bark and cut deep into my trunk. My sap puddled in the dust as he worked and shavings mounded all around. Then finally, after hours of work, he laid me on the ground. I was ready.
It was time.
Then came many men, dragging, pushing, hitting and kicking the battered and bloody man Jesus, who lifted me onto his torn and bleeding back and dragged me up to Golgotha Hill. He stumbled once, twice. He fell. A kind soul offered him water, but most onlookers offered hateful remarks and threw stones and foul things at him. His tears washed rivulets of blood down his pain stricken face, but he trudged on. He was bruised, bleeding and weeping in every kind of pain as he stumbled up the steep path. I felt his determination again and again, as he moved forward.
It was time.
At the top of the hill I was placed on the ground and the man Jesus was laid over me. Men came with large mallets and long iron spikes. To the gasps of onlookers they drove these spikes through the hands and feet of the man Jesus and nailed him to my solid frame. Several strong men lifted me upright and placed my lower part into a deep hole, packing rock and soil dirmly around to hold me in place. There were two others on either side of me and the man Jesus, but I felt alone with him. I was created for him.
I heard when he asked his father to forgive those who had brought him to this agony, and when he told the robber beside him "today you will be in paradise with me."
I saw his mothers face, wet with tears as he told his beloved apostle John, to take care of her. I felt his life-blood as it flowed from his wounded body.
Thse who loved him most stayed closeby, weeping and praying. After long suffering I heard him speak,
"Father, Father why have you forsaken me?" There was silence, not even a bird or a cricket made a sound. They offered him sour wine when he thirsted, he turned his face away.
After hours of pain, gasping for breath he spoke, "It is finished."
Those who loved him looked up at the face of the one they wept for.
As he spoke, "Father into your hands I commit my spirit," the earth was hushed.
I felt his weight hang heavy on my frame when his spirit was released.
Suddenly the heavens became dark as night, The ground beneath me began to shake violently, I heard the earth scraping as it split open into deep chasms. A thunderous roar nearly drowned out the terrified screams of the people as they ran in terror. Lightening cracked sporadically, illuminating the earth and I saw it open and swallow many as they fled in terror. Wild fires shot from the heavens and earth as fiery balls of hail smashed angrily to the ground and burned hot as tinder. Tombs were opened and many of the saints that slept were raised up from their grave, but the man Jesus remained nailed to me, his life spent, his blood staining my frame.
The cart came to take his body away. His mother and friends followed as he was taken to the cave for burial. I watched as the huge stone was rolled into place and I well remember the day the Angel came with a horrific flash of lightening and rolled the stone away from the cave entrance sitting on it as the Man Jesus came walking out smoothing his robe and shaking it free of dust. I watched as he assended to his father knowing that I have served my mission. I felt honored and proud to have been chosen.
A little child below me asked his father, "why did he do it, why didn't he run to the mountains and hide?" His father answered, " because he loves us son even more than he loved his life."
Have you accepted Jesus as your savior yet?
It's time


Friday, December 19, 2008


The last time I checked the outdoor thermometer it said 5 degrees. We are having some wind so it is actually colder with the wind chill factor. We have been getting snow for several days and more is expected. This photo was taken off my back deck a few days ago. We have gotten more snow since then. Everything is covered with a glistening white frosting and grandma is shivering her timbers!
Pretty to look at, it's like a wonderland. I feel sorry for all the little critters trying to survive. I put bird seed out when it's like this because there is nothing for them to eat.
A few days ago I saw a hummingbird trying to get sugar water from a frozen feeder. It broke my heart for the dear little thing. I took the feeder down. Why didn't it go south?

Here is my bistro on the back deck. Snow looks so soft and fluffy but you sat on it you'd find out in a hurry just how inhospitable it is!

This is the inside of the Cruise Terminal at Fairhaven, which is the small town I live near. I think the architecture is nice. They were having a shindig a few weeks ago so my daughter Cyndi, two of her granddaughters and I went to check it out. They were having carrolers and dancers a santa and a Gingerbread house competition.

Someone made a Gingerbread Tree which got a lot of attention.

This little house was simply done but I think it is really cute. You see the hole in the roof? Inside was a living room scene with a dad in a chair and kids playing, pictures on the wall, etc. It was a really unusual idea as most Gingerbread houses focus on the exterior.

Here's dear old Santa hugging a couple of little guys. I know we aren't supposed to take pictures of Santa with kids when they have a professional setup but my camera just pointed itself and clicked before I could stop it! (((smile)))

Here's a cute Gingerbread Train. Again the simplicity is always so attractive to me but I know kids love lots of candy and frosting all over. Well, some big people do too.

This pink Victorian house took a lot of work and someone sure worked hard to get it all to stay together.
I like this one with the kitty peeking out of the box.

Another of the larger houses and nicely decorated. It was a really fun day.
Maybe one of these houses will give you some ideas.
My friend John is doing well. He has a wonderful group of friends in his Home Church and has told me how much he appreciates all of our prayers.
The last I heard about Steven is that he is getting stronger each day. Thank God the surgeon was able to remove the entire tumor. Now Lord, please destroy every bad cell, in Jesus name.
Teresa is doing better too. As far as I know she hasn't had any recent X-rays to show how much the blood clots have dissolved, however because she is feeling so much better, we believe they are definitely dissolving. Praise God!
Thank you all for your prayers. There are no words to adequetly express my appreciation. You are all treasured friends and I pray Heavenly Father will bless each one of you!
I wish you all a wonderful Christmas.


Friday, December 12, 2008

from a family member:

Lavon called tonite. said Steven had called her. sounded good was up walking the halls. they will release him tomorrow. but Lyle said they won't let them go till the first of the week. they did remove the tumor but if there is one cancerous cell it could come back any time be it 6 mo or 20 years.the next step is radiation which they will set up for after the holidays. mom

I am praying the Lord will destroy any remaining cells and dear Steven will be cancer free for the rest of his life. He has been through too much already.
Once again thank you for your prayers and concern.



Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Ordinarily I would never show anyone my messy cupboards but I am planning to get them all cleaned and organized today. I tend to get overstocked and found a can of mandarin oranges with a puffed up lid last week, so I am checking dates and cleaning as I go. I do love clean cupboards with everything in it's place! And I hate food poisoning!
Here is another embarrassing situation. When I clean the other rooms it seems like the overflow ends up on my bed. It not only looks awful but I have to dig through the clutter to find things.
On the upside, my little Tudie absolutely loves to burrow down into all the blankets etc, and listen while I play worship songs to the Lord on my keyboard which is in my bedroom. I sometimes wonder if he feels the presence if the Holy Spirit during these times. How will we ever know?

Here's another clutter that needs to be eliminated. I love jewelry even though I seldom wear it. I have a lot of my own then inherited some of my aunts and my mother and grandmothers. I have ten jewelry boxes of all sizes, and many smaller fancy boxes with treasures of some kind or another. Who needs all that?
Then there's the doll collection. One hundred and one of all sizes in my bedroom not counting my Teddy Bear who is about sixty eight years old. I can't part with him and when I look at the dolls and remember when I got them I can't seem to let any of them go. Some were my mothers. Maybe next year.....HA! In a pig's eye!

Well at least I got my tree up. I used a variety of decorations, even some that were on my tree when I was a little girl. Trees decorated with loving memories are the very best.
And see my Tudie standing on the arm of the chair looking out the window, probably trying to find something to bark about.

Here's the newest update on Steven from his aunt Loretta:

a quick clip on Steven. tuesday nite was uneventful. Dr Boop the surgeon came in said things look good. said he may have some swelling, his eye may swell shut and a sore jaw. pain is being managed with ibuprofen. he ate good. Steven is recovering remarkable well. Dr Gajjar is hoping he can be released in a couple more days. They will have to stay to meet with Dr Kun to set up radiation therapy planned to start right after the holidays. a battle has been won but the war rages on Medulloblastoma is a highly malignant cancer. a single cell can float around in the cranial spinal fluid and begin to grow anywhere in the central nervous system. to read lyle's full notes go to www.caringbridge.org/ne/steven loretta

Thank you all once again for your prayers for Steven and Teresa who are doing really well. Praise the Lord! Also please remember my friend John who is undergoing Chemo. He is fighting a second battle with prostate cancer and his employment is threatened at this time because of the illness. He is a police officer and of course must be in tip-top condition.
I will add another prayer need. My children's father who has been fighting cancer for the past few years. They think it is back. He will learn results of the newest tests sometime this week.
Of course your prayers are very appreciated for each one in need and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

May the Lord bless you all with peace and love


Tuesday, December 09, 2008

I received this in an e-mail today concerning cousin Steven's surgery for medulloblastoma.

For any that have not checked the Caring Bridge website or face book:

Journal Monday, December 8, 2008

Family and Friends,I will try to update you on the Days events. Amazingly everything went pretty much according to plan and on time. We started early checking in doing the admittance and all. Labs etc. etc. Began to wonder if we were going to get to talk to the surgeon prior to surgery. Policy only allows two people to go to pre-op with the patient. Since this is a children's hospital, typically that is Mom and Dad. Steven not your typical child patient had a wife. That makes 3. So the three of us went down to pre-op all silently trying to hold the emotions in check. Britney experiencing this for the first time. Peggy and I being overcome by the memory of the same journey 6 years earlier. Before passing through the last set of doors the patient has to take a toy off the shelf even the 23 year olds. We recall 6 years ago a Nerf football was selected. This time Britney picks a board game. Through the retractable frosted glass doors we go. Since there are 3 Peggy is directed to a side room to sit in a chair with the door open. First anesthesiologists.. Then finally the Surgeon. Dr. Boop comes to explain the procedure and the risks. Peggy appears at Steven's bedside saying Im sorry but Im his mother and I am not sitting in that room any longer. Dr. Boop graciously Fielding my questions on the precautions to avoid infection and meningitis. Shakes my hand and I am sure shed a tear as he left to get scrubbed. We say a short silent prayer as Britney gives Steven one last kiss before we have to let him go.. in God's hands.

unbelievable the courage of these two kids. The three of us embrace and pray one more time regaining composure before we return to the the 5th floor to wait.....for the 3 hour procedure. It was good to have Dan and Deb (Britney's parents) and Peggy's Dad and his wife Marj here in support. The hourly phone calls came. Everything was going according to plan. Around 4:30 Dr. Boop came up stairs and gave us good reports. Initial frozen section appears to confirm the original dx of relapsed medulloblastoma. Will know more when results come from pathology.

Steven is being medicated for pain. Things get a little rough at times as med's where off and they wait the required 3 hour interval before giving more Demerol. We learned last go round that Steven has a paradoxical response to morphine. For the most part he is resting. Steven has a large incision from near his right ear just past the top of his head. Tomorrow and MRI will be done to confirm the effectiveness of the surgery.

In the mean time Praise God and thank him for his protection and comfort. Pray for no infections or meningitis and minimal pain and maximum rest. Especially pray for Britney to get much needed rest and health. thanks for the unbelievable amount of prayer support and encouragement all of you have expressed. To be sure. God is Faithful to his word. We have had a undeniable sense of peace that can only come from His presence. Give Him Thanks and Praise & Blessings,

Lyle (Steven's Dad)

In Him, Sue


Friday, December 05, 2008

The older kids had all hung their stockings carefully so Santa could fill them. My youngest child hung his tiny sock between the others, stood back to take a look and disgustedly said, "That's not fair! Theirs is bigger than mine!"

I explained that one day his stocking would be bigger too, and went about cleaning the house.
Not long after I heard my oldest son call, "Mom, you better get in here." I dropped the dishrag in the sink and dragged myself in to see what was going on. Mike stood looking up with a silly grin on his face while Shawnie stood with his hands on his hips and a very satisfied look on his as he looked up to where the stockings were hung.
I followed their gaze and nearly fell on the floor laughing when I saw that my wise little son had nailed a pair of my pantie hose up for Santa to fill.
Yes, this really happened. About thirty years ago. Some things we do not forget.


Thursday, December 04, 2008

I got an e-mail today fr0m Steven's aunt. Apparently he will undergo surgery again next week.
"Please hold Steven, Britney, and the family in you prayers. We also ask that you hold the doctors at St. Jude in prayer as well. Praying for God's will, wisdom, peace, comfort, strength, and much more. For any who may not have it...here is the link to Steven VonSpreckelsen's Caring Bridge page."
Again our thanks for your faithful prayers.


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