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Friday, April 24, 2009


The Grape Hyacinth's are putting on a lovely purple show down in my little park.

This lovely little cluster of Forget-Me-Not's add some wonderful color to my yard. I do love blue!

These 29 inch pink Tulips are so tall they look artificial. See the yard stick behind them.

Once again my Flowering Cherry delights me with it's fluffy pink blossoms. I love how this looks against the blue sky!

I know this doesn't look like a Tulip but it is. Honest!

The Kingly Al's stand so proud, and they should. Just imagine those spindly looking stems holding up such a large blossom. A few look as though they are grunting with the effort. LOL

I'm sure this bright one has a special name but I don't know what it is. I think I would call it sunny.

This is out back of my place. I call it my little park. If you click to enlarge you will see all the bloomer's. :)

These are the Tulips that I got from the huge pots my daughter Patty brought me a few years ago. Most are yellow and orange/red, but there were a few red/pink ones too.
This Tulip patch adds a lot of color to my front yard. I have to keep blood meal around them to keep the deer from eating them.

Isn't this a beauty? I don't know it's name but it's got to be some kind of Daffodil hybrid.

Miss Tildy thoroughly enjoys her time in the back yard. It's all fenced so she and Tudie can't run off. I have to watch out for them though because they are so small and we have coon's and big birds that would eat them.

You may have to enlarge this to see who was watching us while we had our photo shoot in the back yard. He stayed until I looked at him then slowly wandered into another neighbors yard.
I hope you enjoyed your walk in my garden.
Happy Day!


Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm late with this post but better late then never! We celebrated Resurrection day at my daughter & Son-in-Love's house again this year. They have the largest home and we all fit pretty well. My second daughter and her hubby have a large home too but they are in the country and a longer drive for most of us.

Each Easter, Cyndi fixes a big basket full of goodies. I was tempted to sample some but was not feeling too well so it wasn't terribly hard to resist. Isn't it pretty?

It pleased me to see the little Easter Village I gave Cyndi all set up at the front entrance. The little kidlet's just love these things. So do we older kidlet's. LOL!

Here in Bellingham, Easter came with a terrific storm. Rain pelted the rooftops and bounced inches off the roadways while streamlet's ran wildly in every direction!
We had planned to have a barbecue so Lorne tried desperately to set up a canopy to keep the rain off. I don't know how many times the wind picked it up and tried to make a UFO out of it! Finally dear Lorne anchored the thing with bungee's connected to heavy planters and what ever else he could.
In this picture his sweet wife went out to give him some 'Sugar In The Rain.'

Here is little miss Victoria thoroughly enjoying her M*M's.
She looked so sweet in her darling Easter dress and pony tail!

Blessings to all.
I need to get outside and get to work. The son is shining today.


Wednesday, April 15, 2009


My son-in-love Lorne has always loved cats. His wife Cyndi 'tolerated' them.
After several years of marriage and the bother and expense of his furry friends, Lorne's precious cat Gray died. When the worst of his grief had passed he mentioned wanting a kitten to his wife who was not yet ready to experience the training, litter boxes, clawed furniture and vet bills, not to mention the nasty little critters kitties like to bring into the house. She responded with a flat "NO," and added, "The only way there will ever be another cat in my house is if the Lord drops one off on our doorstep!"
Lorne's 50th birthday was coming and a party was planned. It was a brisk but sunny day when I drove through the countryside where they lived. The maples were wearing their colorful party gowns and the mowed fields were velvet green with new grass.
Some guest had arrived before me and I could hear a lot of laughing as I walked into the house. There was some commotion in the living room so I went in to see what it was all about.
Apparently when my older daughter Patty-Jo and her son had arrived they found two little black and white kittens huddled on the doorstep and asked when they had gotten them. Cyndi told them they had not gotten any kittens and that they didn't know anything about them. When they went to the door they saw two tiny, pathetic, hungry kittens and accused Patty-Jo of bringing them, She vowed she had not. No one knew where they had come from.
Completely baffled by the unexpected guests, Lorne (with a big smile) and Cyndi (with a mother's heart) brought the kittens into the house, fed, loved, adopted and named them Molly and Matthew.
It has been five years since the kittens miraculously appeared on their doorstep. Matthew and Molly are now beautiful full-grown cats who absolutely adore their master and 'tolerate' their mistress.
Some of the family are still wondering how two kittens happened to be on Lorne's doorstep on the morning of his 50th birthday.
Sometimes unscrupulous people dump unwanted pets, but for two to be on his doorstep, when he is longing for a kitten, on the morning of his birthday is certainly not very likely.
So how do I think they got there? You know me. I believe in miracles.
Here's the simple explanation.
Heavenly Father wants us to have the desires of our heart. He loves Lorne and wanted to surprise him on his birthday.
I call this a "God Hug."
He works in mysterious ways.
Don't limit Him.
Expect a miracle.


Friday, April 10, 2009


His birthday theme was John De*ere Tractors. His auntie Trena made his cakes. A small one is made especially for him to dig into and the larger for guests.
Our sweet Birthday boy 'clunked' around happily in his Cowboy boots. Here his cousin Hailee pulls up his pant leg so we can see them.

Bunny ears appeared from someplace and the kids took turns wearing them. Ethan and his cousin Tori had a great time parading, marching and running back and forth on the deck just like two year old's should.

Here he is with his pretty mama. Notice the cute hair style he has?

At last, opening gifts. He had a huge pile of them and I'm sure he was tired out by the time he was done. All his little and some not so little cousins and friends gathered around to be sure they didn't miss anything.

I was surprised that he was able to blow out the candles on his personal cake. Just look at that!

Digging in!! What a great party it was and what a blessing to celebrate the second year of this precious child. I thank God for healing him of the seizures when he was an infant so that we can have the joy of knowing this delightful little guy.
Praise your blessed name my lord.
And I pray little Ethan will have a wonderful year of being loved, great adventures and learning about He who loves him best of all.


Friday, April 03, 2009


My little Grandma used to tell us that God can do anything. He can make sick people well and he can even raise the dead. I believed her then because she was 'grandma' and she prayed longer than anyone I ever knew.
Throughout the years I believed, because I saw the Lord's miracles over and over and his love and power were proven to me.
About 15 years ago I had a procedure that showed that I had a 70% blockage in the main artery in my heart, the other two arteries were also occluded, one at 35% and I can't remember what percent the other was. I was put on a fat free low cholesterol diet and medication that would hopefully stop the cholesterol build up in my arteries.
I have tried to maintain the diet but haven't always been as careful as I should so when I had the spell a few weeks ago and the first procedure was done, my cardiologist and I both thought my arteries had gotten worse. I tried to prepare myself for the stent he told me about even though I didn't like the idea.
"Then all my family and friends were told and they prayed for me."
On Wednesday I had the second procedure where they insert a thing through the artery in the groin and up into the heart. There is a monitor of some sort on the thing that measures blood flow. I was much calmer than I expected to be and I know without a doubt it was because of the prayers.
I was in quite a lot of pain after the procedure so was given extra pain med so I was not awake when the doctor came to tell me what he found, but he told my three daughters.
Apparently the blood flow is 'good' in the artery that was first diagnosed as 70%blocked. Also it is now only 60% blocked and the other two are clear. And just to show how the Lord does things, he has commanded a membrane to cover the occlusion so there is very little chance of any breaking off and causing a problem.
Now what do you think of our Loving and almighty Lord God?
Is your heart smiling at Him? Mine sure is!!!!!!
Thank you all for your prayers and concern.
You are true treasures!
God Bless each of you!


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