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Saturday, October 24, 2009


For those who don't know, about two months ago I got sick and couldn't stop vomiting. My girls took me to the hospital, where the doctor treating me asked for a cat scan hoping he could find what was making me so sick.
All he saw in my stomach was some irritation, but what he didn't expect to see was the tumor and mass on my right kidney.
He told me that 90% of the tumors inside the kidney are malignant, and they didn't know what the mass was. He said the entire kidney had to be removed.
I told him that I would be one of the 10% that did not have a malignancy. I think I partly said that because it scared me. but there was something else too. I didn't want the 'cancer' word connected with me in any way so I disassociated myself with it the only way I knew how. I told several people that God never told me I had to have cancer so I'm not going to.
The surgery took about three or so hours, part of that time was spent repairing many adhesion's I had developed from past surgeries. Apparently they attached to the abdominal wall.
On Thursday when my nice Irish surgeon came in my room to talk to me and release me to go home, he told
me the good news. There was no sign of cancer.
Thank you for your faithful prayers.


Sunday, October 18, 2009


I don't know the name of this red bush but it sure is striking!

The maple leaves have a large variety of colors, from pale yellow to gold, orange and brown.

So pretty on the branch but soon to fall.

I'm always amazed at the vivid fall colors. You'd think after all the years I've been seeing them I'd be used to it. Not a chance!

Here's a golden beauty, tall and proud wearing her gorgeous autumn coat.

My back yard did a Little showing off too.

Another sunset over Fairhaven.
The supermarkets are loaded with big orange pumpkins and children young and old search through the piles for just the right one to make their jack-o-lantern.
How many years has this been going on?
I remember making them when I was a girl. The candle melting and the smell of burnt pumpkin. I remember running down the sidewalks with my paper bag flopping against my legs, trying hard to be careful so it wouldn't tear and dump all my treats.
We didn't have plastic back then.
I remember the goblins that jumped out from behind the trees terrifying me out of my wits.
I remember getting home with a bag of candy, cookies and apples, eating until I felt nauseous and being glad Halloween wouldn't come again for a whole year,........until the next morning when I was counting the days until I could do it all over again.
Happy Autumn Everyone.
Tomorrow morning I have surgery. Thanks again for your prayers.


Monday, October 12, 2009

October 9, 2009

Slowly it’s glory raises to the horizon
Shedding an orange glow over the earth
The sky becomes flames of fire.
The trees awaken to its warm embrace
And raise their branches in praise
To the Creator.

The birds shake out their nighttime garments,
And begin their morning worship
Awakening all creatures here below.
We rub the sleep from our eyes
Thanking Him for another day.

Then we see it, we feel it, and we are drawn into it
We hurry out into the early morning,
Crisp with autumn dew
And are embraced by it,
Our knees grow weak and our head spins
With the glory of it.

He holds us captive in His glorious embrace
And we gladly receive this blessing.

His eternal sunrise.



Tuesday, October 06, 2009


What you see above is a large size teacup and a very large apple.
We had a windy day Sunday and late afternoon as I was looking out my kitchen window at the hundreds of maple tree seeds twirling across the sky like tiny helicopters, I saw a large yellowish thing under the old Gravenstein apple tree. I knew it couldn't be an apple because They were all picked last month.
Well I was sure surprised to find that one had escaped the picking and even more surprised at it's size. It weighed over a pound! And yes it sure does taste good.

Changing the subject.....Mrs. Spider has chosen my back deck for her autumn home. I appologize for the blurred photos. I'm not really afraid of spiders, but when I'm doing a macro shot of one of these critters my hands have a mind of their own! Besides, she's pretty big.

Another reason is because she killed her husband and plans to eat him for supper one night. That's him all wrapped up in web. I guess she is testing to see if he is 'done' yet.
I took one more shot after this one but my camera got too close and she shot across her web so fast it scared the stuffing out of me! I didn't know where she went and of course my vivid imagination had her in my hair, up my sleeve, or on my nightgown someplace. I did a funny jig trying to dislodge her without touching her with my hand even though she wasn't even on me. I'm glad this happened on the back deck where no one could see me. LOL
Did you know that they have pincher like claws, and they bite their husbands and inject poison into them to paralyze them so they can wrap them in web and save them for a meal, all this after he makes spider love to her. Naughty lady!
I don't mind spiders outside because they get rid of many bad insects that destroy our gardens, but they will be very sorry if they come in my house!

Even though she suffers from some wicked PMS, just look at her interesting web. If you enlarge the pictures you will see the intricate patterns she uses. It reminds me of a quilt pattern.

Some people call this 'instinct' and I guess they are right. But I wonder where does 'instinct' come from.
Well I suppose it's in their DNA. That makes sense to me.
And the DNA, where does it come from?

And God Bless you everyone.
Look for His mysteries and give Him glory.


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