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Friday, November 27, 2009


Thanksgiving was wonderful. We went to my youngest daughter and her husbands home. The table was so pretty and my great granddaughter Julia even made place cards. The food was delicious. We had a traditional Thanksgiving meal, turkey, stuffing, Miranda's glazed ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, corn, Patty's home canned green beans, Patty's famous fruit salad, olives, Cyndi's homemade pickles, cranberry sauce and my grandson made some delicious homemade rolls. YUM! I took candied yams and sweet potatoes. We had sparkling apple juice with pomegranate and another with cranberry. Very nice. Then for desserts we had pumpkin pie, Bumble berry Cobbler,Vanilla and Chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge and truffles.
The miracle of all this is that I didn't gain any weight! HALLELUJAH!
These two little dolls were so fun to watch. Running, dancing and giggling through the house. I told my daughters that there will never be an orchestra, a symphony or any other music as beautiful as the laughter of little children and I truly mean it.

I took this picture a few years ago and thought it was sort of neat. I think it's the sun hidden behind a dense fog. It looked really odd but fascinating.

Here's another picture of Marine Park at Bellingham Bay. Actually the name has recently been changed to Salish Sea, but to me it's still Bellingham Bay. I don't know why people can't just leave things alone. It's about five minutes from my house. I should spend more time there. It is really pretty

Sometimes the clouds are so pretty I want to get photos of them, In this one I didn't realize until I viewed it on my monitor that the tip of a fir tree was in the center. Too bad there wasn't a big old eagle sitting up there!
I made four cream pies today. Some of the family are coming tomorrow to do some Christmas decorating for me. I have a very thoughtful family. I am blessed. Thank you Lord.
Once again I'm asking for prayer for my friend John. He is feeling good, but will be having another Chemo treatment and test soon. Pray that the numbers are WAY down!
Thank you so much.
May God bless each of you and see to your needs.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm not very original this year. I found these pictures on the net. Is it just me or does this turkey look as if he is saying, "I dare ya!" He really looks mad.

I love the vintage cards and had to add this sweet little pie maker. My grandma used to say a little poem when she was making pie. "Black eye pick a pie, turn around and tell a lie." Has anyone else ever heard this? I was the only granddaughter with dark eyes and always thought she made it about me. LOL!

This one gave me a good chuckle!
I am doing good. I saw my surgeon yesterday morning and he said I am healing well and gave me permission to get back to normal activities. I started my exercises yesterday but learned that some are premature. They will have to wait. Maybe forever. OUCH! LOL!~
I pray you have a precious Thanksgiving.
Hug your loved ones extra tight, have the second piece of pie and praise our heavenly Father for his perfect love.
God Bless


Thursday, November 05, 2009


Below are the two sides of a ticket found in My aunt Pauline's papers after she passed away in 1994. I can't imagine how many years this 'transfer ticket' had been shuffled around in her pocket or purse but it is very worn.
Her young life was very difficult and I'm certain that when she found the Lord, promises like those on this little scrap of paper eased her aching heart and brought her peace.. Obviously this one did.

Auntie was born in 1906 and accepted the Lord when she was a young woman. I have a picture of her being baptised in the Nooksack River at Ferndale, WA.
I'm thankful that she knew of our Father's love and forgiveness.
Life would sure be a convoluted mess without Him.
I pray that every lost soul will know our Lords unconditional love.


Sunday, November 01, 2009


I am finally feeling like I may have a future. Post surgery is miserable at times and sure can make one grumpy! Lets start this post with a cute little squirrel who thinks he's in squirrel heaven. I dumped a lot of seeds and cracked corn out so they can store it for winter. The yellow Calendula frame the picture nicely.
I realize I am late in posting about our trip to the Pumpkin patch, but couldn't do much till now. I had never gone before so it was a new experience for me. I didn't know they had more than pumpkins. There were huge piles of assorted squash and a corn maze, a petting zoo hay ride and a lot more.

Here are just a small portion of pumpkins.
These people really worked hard to decorate too, with scare crows and goblins and every kind of fall deco.

Here's the corn maze, and yes I did do it but was plumb tuckered by the time we got to the end. At least I think it was the end. It was for me anyway!

Here's Madalyn and Kenny at the playground where there was this gutted out yard tractor and huge tires etc for them to play on. The kids loved it.
Hailee, Madalyn, Julia and Kenny

Aunt Patty's rule was they could have any pumpkin they wanted as long as they could carry it to the wheelbarrow. Here's Kenny hanging on tight.

Julia struggled with her huge choice then as we were heading for check out she saw one she liked better and had to do it all over again.

John C chose a giant pumpkin and being older and stronger could get it into the wheelbarrow without any trouble.

Hailee and Madalyn were totally overwhelmed with all the choices. We had to help them out a little. Hailee wasn't feeling well and got sick later in the day. Poor little darling.

Ok, so here they are on Halloween night.Hailee who is finally over the flu and her sister Madalyn are all dressed up in the lovely princess gown their Nana made for them. Aren't they just delightful!!

Kenny proves that Darth Vader even likes lolly pops.
So do I. Especially the orange ones.

Last but certainly not least, here is my niece and her little girl.'Just look at that cute face she is making.
This little one is only two but her vocabulary would knock your sox off!
Once again I want to thank each of you for your prayers during this past few months. Our Heavenly Father has answered them.
I want to ask once again that you remember my special friend John. He is still undergoing Chemo but is feeling good and looking well.
I am praying for his total healing from cancer, not just a remission. God can do it.
You are all such faithful friends. I sure love you a lot!


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