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Thursday, June 24, 2010



During Tori's stay at the hospital they tried to clean her out with the same medicine used for a colonoscopy. She was a very sick little girl and two x-rays showed that the bowel blockage was still there. Many saints of the Lord had been praying for her and the doctor did one more X-ray and found the blockage was gone even though she hadn't been passing anything but the liquid they were putting in her.
They sent her home. I saw her yesterday. She is thinner and pale, but just as lively as any three year old.

Thank you Lord God!



This is why I have been out hunting slugs in the evenings. So far this year I have killed 750 of these nasty things. (I keep track on my calendar) Slugs lay between 30 and 100 eggs about six times a year, so if I have done my math correctly figuring the small amount of 30 eggs, I have not only eliminated the 750 but have also eliminated at least 136,800 more of the future destructive creatures! I'm glad slugs don't like roses. I suppose they would if it weren't for the thorns on the canes. HA-HA SLUGS! This pretty rose was supposed to be a climber but it apparently hasn't learned how to do that yet. LOL. I thought it had frozen out over the winter but she sent up some new canes this spring and surprised me.

Don't get snappy with me!!! I think this freckled Snapdragon is so unusual. I planted them last year and they came back.

Here is the same one standing tall and proud. I really like snapdragons. They reseed easily and their offspring are usually unusual. Besides, they are so showy in so many colors and color combinations!

These are easy for beginning Gardner's to grow.

I know I have shown this rose before. I just wish you could smell it.

Here is a wild geranium. I think it's also called Cranesbill because the seeds pods resemble one. I like this picture showing the hairy flower buds.

A macro shot of a beauty Bush blossom. I love doing this, then enlarging the pictures and studying the intricate veining patterns. I often marvel at creation but there is something about flowers that totally fascinates me. Just imagine, each flower may look the same at a glance but a closer look shows that no two are the same. Our Lord creates originals, be it flowers, critters, or we humans. Identical twins are not even identical.

Gazing Balls are fun but I sure don't like how they make me look!!!!!


We had a really pretty sunset recently. I was at my computer when the sky took on a pink glow. Then it was everywhere, the houses, trees, the street and even the air seemed pink. I grabbed my camera and got a few shots before it faded. I love the colors.


Well dear ones, that's all for now, but I would like to ask for prayer for my great granddaughter Victoria who is in the hospital being treated for a stubborn bowel blockage. She is just three and such a precious little doll.


The Lord bless and keep you all close to his heart.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010


My pictures are not in the order I wanted but here they are anyway!
This is a block house situated in the cemetery above Prairie. The day began somewhat cloudy but the sun came out before long. It's always fun being with my sisters no matter what the weather. I thank God for them!

This was taken just below the cemetery. The valley below is just beautiful.
Native Americans lived here at one time. Can't you just imagine their dwellings? I can. This is very close to the beach.

This is the beach we walked on. The tide was out and we were finding pretty rocks, and interesting seaweeds among other things.

I saw two of these brightly colored little 'beach bugs.' They are sure fast. I had to chase this one a while before I could capture him with my camera.
I think this is a kelp root. It's interesting how it just attached to whatever was handy. This type of seaweed grows long shaped arms that my boys used to love playing with at the beach, sometimes snapping it like a whip a little too close to mom's hiney while she was bent over searching for agates. There was a load of driftwood here. It is illegal to remove it, but I did see a few pieces that would look nice in my yard.

Isn't this one nice? I love how the seaweed has tangled itself around. It's like a string of the oceans pearls come to rest.
My sisters are so clever!! Barb is holding a small piece of driftwood that Bonnie found. She placed a bit of seaweed on top and it looks like a strange sea person of some sort.
This succulent type plant was growing wild above the beach. The flowers were not fragrant but I think they are very pretty.
I took this picture on the way back. I think this is a gorgeous place. I'd like to live there if I had someone to do all the cleaning and yard work.
I love the daisy field too!

We stopped for lunch at this quaint little place called the Shrimp Shack. I had clam strips and prawns, deep fried of course, and french fries too. This is a diet buster if ever there was, but oh so worth it!!!!!!!!!!
I was surprised to see on the menu that they also serve alligator and Maryland blue crab sandwiches as well as Elk burgers.

Here is the Shrimp Shack. All the white stuff isn't snow. It is oyster shell and it sure made a glare with the sun shining on it.
I gleaned these last two pictures from the net, and I didn't take any pictures of our food. When I smelled it I didn't want to take the time.


Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Yes, I know it makes everything green and pretty. It also makes moss and mold and mud. This little toadstool loves the stuff.
Here's Victoria holding a balloon in one hand and one of my daughter's peony's in the other. It isn't really as big as it looks but it is a large one and very fragrant!

Our birthday girl handled the happy birthday song quite well to a certain point. Do you remember feeling like this when you were a child. She wasn't crying or upset, just feeling shy at all the attention. There were five camera's pointed at her.
Happy 9th Hailee.

Here is my Paul II Clematis. I am amazed at the size of the blossoms. A deer ate several of these gorgeous flowers but I now have Irish*Spring soap and blood meal out there and also have a rope fencing off the area so I am getting to enjoy them.

This Little crazy quilt always makes me smile. Several years ago I used to take the train to visit some of my kids in San Diego before they moved back home. I made it to keep me warm on the train. My grandson David, who was about ten at the time asked if he could sleep with it while I was there. Of course I let him. When it was time to come back home he didn't want to part with it so I gave it to him.
David is now married man with three daughters, Hailee is one of them, and those little girls are enjoying the quilt now. Sometimes I see it on their beds, or find them wrapped up in it on a cool day.
It makes me smile

This made me smile too.


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