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Monday, July 26, 2010


If you don't know him, you can't possibly imagine what you are missing.

Finally!!! Here's a picture of those cream cheese filled strawberries I posted a recipe for earlier.

When I saw this picture I was sent back about 68 years. I remember sitting in my grandma Banks' flower garden just like this little girl and seeing all the wonderful blossoms surrounding me. It was like another world.

He's Back!!! The larger bucks usually don't come out until the early morning hours around here but apparently this guy had a craving for the tender grass growing in the ditch across the street. He wasn't the least but offended that I was taking pictures of him as he dined. He has bad manners. He chews with his mouth open. LOL

Sorry about the butt shot!
I wanted to get a better picture to show the size of his rack in compairson to his body. He is a five point and his antlers are still covered with velvet. Come September the velvet will be hanging all over my rhodenderons and other shrubbery as he uses them to rub it off and his antlers will be a bright, shiny mahogany, tempting all the cute little does. Actually they are fairly sharp and can seriously wound rival bucks or even people if they feel their harem is being threatened.
It's interesting to watch the deer walk up to the neighbor's fence and go through the gate. Sort of looks like they are going home. LOL
We have been having some pretty warm days. Right now at 8:10 pm it's still 80 degrees in my house. I have my fan on low to keep me cooled off. I sure like that thing!
My garden is doing great. I have been eating baby beets and beet greens, and potatoes. The green beans are in blossom, and there are baby cukes and tomatoes coming on too. The strawberrys are done and the raspberries are nearly done too. My freezer is well supplied. I picked some raspberries early this morning and sat in my lawn swing and ate a few. The sun was bright and the birds were singing their morning worship. It's a wonderful way to begin a new day.
I pray you are all doing well and keeping cool.
God bless you and yours.


Sunday, July 18, 2010


My oldest daughter Patty and I took a drive out to visit my dear friend, Bonnie. She has several acres of land, much of which she has landscaped. She has acres of lawn and flower gardens around nearly every evergreen tree, which are mostly very old cedars. There were huge mounds of white fever few with Lillie's tucked in here and there. Huge Hosta's, wild geranium, roses, you name it, she has it. It is like a huge park. The above photo shows one area. The lawn extends far beyond what you can see. Her grandson came to work for her while we were there. She has done a magnificent job!

Here's something from my yard. I think it's Liatris. I think the stringy blossom is so odd and yet sort of pretty.

This is a little rockery plant that I think is really cute. It spreads easily too.

You will probably have to enlarge this photo to see it better.
This tall Snapdragon is special.
When I think of all the times I have messed around with garden soil, composting, fertilizing, watering, etc., and pampered the seeds to get them to grow, this snapdragon made me laugh out loud!
I imagine our Heavenly Father talking to a little sparrow. "Hey you feathery little critter, go on over there and drop a Snapdragon seed on that big sandstone boulder in Bev's yard. I want to give her something to think about!"
The Bible says that if I have the faith of a grain of mustard seed, I can move a mountain. I haven't managed that yet.
But my God can make a seed grow out of a rock as well as move mountains!
I got a way to go!

I often hear people recite a phrase about a lion laying down with a lamb.
I haven't heard one about a tiger laying down with piglets. Apparently she adopted them but
I don't like how she is licking her chops!
This little fawn needed comforting and the mare was handy.

Who loves ya Baby?
When saying the Lords prayer we come to the part, "on earth as it is in heaven" I think of all the animals, two legged as well as four being friends, not enemies.
Can you imagine it?
Hope you all had a good week end, and will have a blessed week.
God Bless you and yours.


Monday, July 12, 2010


I love old books and this one is delightful! I probably picked it up at a rummage sale and tucked it away in the bookcase and forgot about it but I recently discovered it again and have sure enjoyed it.
Here is the copyright date. One of it's previous owners, I think a young person, used a pencil to fill in all the 'o's. That's usually a kid thing.

You will have to enlarge this on to read the contents. I have read the whole book and plan to do it again. The stories are beautifully written and the poems are wonderful.
Because my prayers have been so focused on our brave military Troops I will share a poem called 'Army Hymn' or "Old Hundred"
O Lord of hosts! Almighty King! Behold the sacrifices we bring!
To every arm thy strength impart, Thy spirit shed through every heart!
Wake in our breasts the living fires, The holy faith that warmed our sires;
Thy hand hath made our nation free; To die for her is serving thee.
Be Thou a pillared flame to show the midnight snare, the silent foe;
And when the battle thunders loud, still guide us in it's moving cloud.
God of all nations! Sovereign Lord, in Thy dread name we draw the sword.
We lift the starry flag on high that fills with light our stormy sky.
From treason's rent, from murder;s stain, guard its folds till Peace shall reign,
Till fort and field, till shore and sea, join Our loud anthem, Praise To Thee!
see Exodus 13:21
JULIA TURNS TWELVE!Here she is about ready to blow out the candles on the desert she made all by herself! She isn't fond of cake so made this very rich chocolate dessert. I had a spoonful and it was so rich and chocolaty I couldn't have eaten any more. We also had peach upside down cake and ice cream.
Mimi's Strawberry Surprise!
I should have taken a picture before I took this to the party. I found a delicious sounding recipe in a magazine at my doctor office and made this tray full for the party. I didn't write down the name of it so gave it a name, I was sure surprised when I went to get one and discovered all that was left was the empty platter and some grated chocolate an Lemon Balm leaves I used for decoration.
Here's the recipe. I made a few changes in the original because there was too much cheese.


1 pound large strawberries
1-8 ounce package of cream cheese
1 Tablespoon milk
1/4 cup powdered sugar
1/2 teaspoon almond flavoring
1 small Hershey bar
Remove stems, and cut a deep 'X' in the small end of each berry. Gently spread berries open.
Beat cream cheese with milk, powdered sugar and almond flavor until smooth and creamy.
Spoon cheese mixture into a pastry bag with a size 6 (approx) script tube attached, and pipe cheese into each strawberry, then gently squeeze berry together so cheese begins to come through cuts.
Grate chocolate bar over top.
You can use a different flavoring and lite cheese if you want.
Be sure to taste one before you offer them to your guests!


Saturday, July 03, 2010

A Day With My Patty
Once in a while we are blessed with a day so special that the memories will linger for a long-long time.
Yesterday was such a day for me. My oldest daughter Patty and I spent eleven and a half hours just having fun. First we drove out to the country where her sister works at their father's business. We said our hello's and visited a short time then drove up the Mt. Baker highway to an altitude of 1504' to Bearpaw mountain to see Nooksack Falls which drops 88' into a deep, rocky canyon. There is actually a mist all over the surrounding area which I tried to eliminate to make the pictures sharper.
Nooksack Falls was featured in the hunting scene of the movie, The Deer Hunter.
(enlarge these pictures for best viewing)
This peaceful creek is on the Wells Creek Road which takes us to the falls.
This view is just above the falls where the water is absolutely roaring. I did a small video clip just so I could get the sound. It is awesome.

This is the top of the falls. I couldn't get a good picture of the entire falls. The thundering of the falls was unbelievable. Just imagine the thousands of pounds of water pushing this.
Here is some of it. There is a good fence surrounding the area. Unfortunately not everyone will stay on the proper side of it and several people have fallen to their death here. The lovely green moss is covered in a slime making this a treacherous area

This was taken below the falls. Notice the heavy moss all over.
You didn't think I could do a post without a posy did you? LOL I don't know what this one is but it was growing all over at the falls area.

We stopped at a Nina's, a quaint little country cafe for lunch and heard another kind of roar. There were about three tables pushed together to make a long one and seated around it were several farmers and oh boy did they ever talk up a storm. And they say women are talkers? Ha! I had to remove my hearing aid!
I had fish and chips and a nice green salad.
When we left the cafe we drove the short distance to my sister Bonnie's house and visited with her for a while. She is making Indian flutes and is making one for me and our sister Barb. Bonnie is so talented it's incredible. She has been working with wood and most recently flutes have captured her fancy. I'm excited to get mine.
The picture above tickles me. By the time we left my sisters, a nearby farmer had decided to spray fertilizer on his field. If you have never been close by when that is taking place consider yourself blessed. Patty tried to hide her nose from it. LOL!!!
When we got home it was sometime after 9 pm, and I gave Patty her first oil painting lesson. I'll post photos of that later.
It was a day to remember and I am still feeling the glow from it.
Thank you Patty for blessing me in such a wonderful way.
You are a true treasure.


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