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Monday, October 24, 2011


 I took this autumn shot yesterday near where I am staying. I have it as a background on my monitor now. Two of my girls came to visit me. It was delightful to have time with them. I am missing home.
 I haven't been able to get out to do much photography but got desperate one day and found some toadstools under the walnut tree to photograph. They didn't complain. LOL
 Here they are fully opened.
 I've had some cute animal pic's in my photo's for quite some time and thought you'd like to see a few. I love how gentle this big hound is with the tiny kitten. How sweet! And the kitten is so trusting!! That dog could easily inhale the little thing.
You'll have to enlarge this to see it clearly. I have raised chickens and kittens too. I sure would have surprised me to find a nest like this!
Oops!! I just found out it won't enlarge. It's little gray kitties with the eggs. Some old hen is going to be surprised when they try to nurse!

I have been at my friends place for 5 weeks now. He is in the hospital again with a staff infection in his blood. He has pancreatic cancer which has spread and he has jaundice so has had a couple surgeries to put stents in to drain his liver. He is very weak. If you feel led to pray for him it is very appreciated. I know the Lord can heal him if it's His will, but it's so hard to see him suffering while we wait.
I hope all is well in each of your lives and Autumn has made your world as colorful as it is here.
God bless


Friday, October 07, 2011


 The girls at the motel the night before we do the fair.

At the fair 
 Checking out some of the huge quilt display.
 An Autumn display.

 Milkin' Time

 This little piggie went to market? No way! He found his faucet and ain't movin'. These little guys were only a day old. Interesting that they each have their own nipple and don't share.
 Here's Kathy having a little break on this nice horse head bench.
What's a fair without a Merry-Go-Round? EEEEE-HAW!

We had a wonderful time, just like last year and hope to do it again next year too.
I haven't been posting much because I am not living at home right now. I am staying with a friend who was diagnosed recently with pancreatic cancer. Lots of appointments etc., happening here. As usual I thank you for prayers for him and me too.
God bless all my dear blog friends.


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