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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

 It's that time again!! I borrowed this picture because I think it's beautiful.I don't have snow yet but it has been cold out. My garden is harvested, canned and frozen. My Fuji apple tree was loaded with apples but they were small because I didn't get it pruned last year. My granddaughter got two boxes and my bro in law gleaned most of the rest and is making apple juice. He brought me a gallon and it is really good. I have had a problem with the Flickers pecking holes in the apples but today I learned they are not the only critters around here who like apples!

 Here we have one of the the little furry thieves! LOL

This little critter looks like he's saying, "I found it first!! It's mine, It's mine!!"
My friend Bob passed away on the 26th. I had spent several weeks at his place taking care of him but he had to be in a nursing facility for five days before he passed away.
Today I made lots of cookies for his service tomorrow. It's about a three hour drive to get there. My girls are taking me. I don't know what I would do without them.
I haven't been blogging much but hopefully can get back into it soon
Love you all and pray you are well and happy. God bless.


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