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Sunday, January 29, 2012


There is a long and winding road
High in the wooded hills
Where deer graze silently in the trees
And a tinkling waterfall spills.

 Nature's symphony the only sound
Whispers softly in the breeze,
Embracing me oh so gently
Caressing the tall, majestic trees.

Small pebbles on the dusty road
Crunch softly as I stroll,
A spotted fawn watched trustingly
From a fern enshrouded knoll.

The scent of wild blackberries
Drifts through this woodsy place,
Whilst Buzzing bee's polinate blossoms
With accuracy and grace.

The peace and serenity in this place
Quicken deep within my soul,
To the youthful years long gone past
When once I walked a winding road.

{Just so you know, my winding road was actually a long sort of winding lane that took us to my grandma's house.}

This month I celebrate seven years of blogging and chose to post one of the first posts I did on my first Blog, Holytornado. I am not blogging as much as I did in the beginning, Face*book takes some of my time now as well as many other things, but I still  post occasionally and I frequently check out my friends blogs.
I have met some wonderful people through blogging and have seen it as a sort of ministry in a way because we learn who has a need and can pray for them.
I have thoroughly enjoyed Kerri's flowers. Joyful Chaos has taught us about her Amish life, Merle has shared Australia and her loads of jokes with us, Susan has been a great ministry pal, and Nezzy has kept me in stitches with her wonderful way of writing. Pea and Mary have entertained us with their life in Ontario, and Ralph's jokes keep us in a good humor too. My friend Ken is not blogging at present but this young man is very knowledgeable concerning political affairs and much more.
Thanks to all of you including those I haven't mentioned. We touch so many lives with our blogs. I just pray that mine has had a positive influence on all my readers.
I hope to continue blogging as long as my computer will hold out.  
I pray the Lord's blessing on each of you my dear friends.


Friday, January 06, 2012

 Sir Tudie is waiting for Santa~

 Miss Tildy sleeps all curled up on a big mama dog pillow with her bone nearby.

 I found Sir Tudie all snuggled down in MY bed. Looks like he is thinking, "don't make me move please!" His fur is not thick so he gets cold pretty easy and loves to burrow. He also loves the fleece coats I made him.

 Sails in the sunset on Bellingham Bay.
lots of cattails at Lake Padden in Bellingham. I love going here. Did you notice there are no homes on this lake?
 I like the clouds in this shot at Bellingham Bay. Better if you enlarge it.
I hope to be doing  a lot more Bible Study this year. I have had a very busy 2011, and 2012 may be just as busy but we have to take time for some things and Bible study is a priority.
I hope 2012 will be a good year for you.
God bless


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