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Tuesday, July 24, 2012


 My daughter Patty graduated from WCC!!! It has been a long, hard  struggle for her but she did it!
We had a party for her on Saturday. Above is a picture board I put together with pictures of her from birth to now, with pictures of her at every school year. I used to always take a picture of the kids on the first day of school.

 We had a wonderful feast focusing our potluck offerings around Patty's favorite foods. Here my great grandson Kenny is showing us how to eat spaghetti while behind him his grandma Cyndi watches.

Guests watch as we get all the food set out. We had two canopy's and the tables beneath were loaded with spaghetti and meat balls, Manicotti, Calico Beans, Fried Chicken, three kinds of chips and dips, several salads including a wonderful Orange Jello salad my 11 year old great granddaughter Hailee made. There was so much I can't remember it all. We had lemonade and desserts were a big sheet cake, carrot cake, Chocolate chip cookies, black bottom cupcakes, Angel food cake with bananas and whipped cream, Cherries and Butterscotch pecan desert. I have made the butterscotch desert twice and both times it was totally wiped out. It's awesome!

 My dear little doggies wanted to come to the party too so I brought them out and their noses were going miles an hour as they tried to sniff out the fried chicken! LOL This is Tildy Rose. Yes I did pick the meat off a chicken leg for them.

This picture makes my heart smile. When everyone was gone except my two oldest girls, Kathy in blue and Patty in red, and myself all leaned back and there was this trio of huge sighs. I had to get a picture! It was a great party and totally worth the work that went into it. I didn't do it alone but had my daughter and son in law, grandson and his wife and some great grand kids to help. A joint effort, Family honoring one of their own. Congratulations again sweet Patty. We are SOOOOO proud of you! Did I say that Patty made the Dean's list several times?

I planted this Clematis about four years ago and this year it has bloomed just beautifully. It is blooming for the second time right now. I don't know the name of it but I like how there is a sort of pink stripe in the center of the petals. I have them growing on each side of my blue shed and one grew so tall it is also growing and blooming inside the shed!

This picture is better enlarged. It is my red Crocosmia. I think it's called Lucifer but I call mine Cardinal. No Lucifer in my gardens! The deer only ate a few branches this year so it's giving me a nice show.

The three sisters, Viola, Violet and Verna! haha. I do love pansies and violas. I think they have sweet faces. They reseed wonderfully too! I have some growing in pots on my deck.

Laying in the warm gravel, my sister's cat seems to be thinking, 'do not disturb!'
My sister lives next door and has two cats, both of whom enjoy speeding between my legs while I am concentrating on my weeding and scare the dickens out of me. I kittysit when sister and her family are vacationing so the cat's know me. I don't have cats of my own anymore. They have a habit of bringing things in the house like mice, rats, birds and snakey things. My doggies only bring in their dirty paws. I can live with that.
I pray summer is good for you, not to hot, not too cold and not to dry or wet.
God bless


Monday, July 02, 2012


The gorgeous pink Peony my daughter Kathy gave me bloomed beautifully this year. Unfortunately I didn't tie it up well enough and the stems are not strong enough to support the huge, heavy blossoms. I need to get some large size tomato cages. They work wonderfully to hold Peony's upright.

Strawberry season is nearly finished so the berries are smaller but they still taste good. I gave a lot away but finally decided I should have at least one good shortcake before the season ends.

 I made old fashioned shortcake biscuits like my mother made and used real whipped cream, not that artificial stuff. My-oh-my, this is some good eating!

 This beat up old galvanized bucket had been kicking around here for a long time. I bought some Ganzia's a few weeks ago and stuck them in the bucket with a pale lavender Lobelia. It looks sort of lopsided but I think it works with this rustic container.

I found this picture on the internet and had to use it. This is what my hands look like most of the time. I have a big yard and lots of gardens so my hands are in the dirt a lot. I wear latex golves but like today, I wear holes in the finger tips. Nevertheless, I love getting my hands in the soft warm earth. I love how it feels to squeeze a lump of soil and have it give away in my hand and fall through my fingers. I love pulling weeds when they come up easy. It wonderful therapy.
Well I better stop. I need to go empty the wheelbarrow and chop out some mean blackberry vines that are trying to strangle my yellow honeysuckle.

Wishing you a happy and save Independence Day. God Bless


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