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Thursday, August 23, 2012


A dear lady in Texas who I met through my blog several years ago, sent me some seeds for the Blackberry Lily that grows at her East Texas ranch. I love seeds and was really excited to see what the plants would look like. She told me that when they went to seed they look like a blackberry, thus the name.

I planted some seed as soon as it arrived but the little plants didn't survive our extra cold winter. I planted more seed in pots on my back deck where I could keep an eye on them and the slugs couldn't have them. They thrived and about six weeks ago I planted about seven of the plants out in a garden. Within just a few weeks one of them shot up a tall sturdy stem and a flower appeared on top. I planned to go out the next day and get a picture but it had shriveled up. Apparently they are like a Daylily and the blossom only lasts for a day. A few days later it bloomed again so I rushed out with my camera and got  this picture.

I think it's one of the most sunshiny flowers I have seen with the orange petals and red dots.
Thank you Bev G for sending the seeds.


Wednesday, August 08, 2012

We celebrated my great grandson Kenny's 9th birthday last Friday evening. His grandma planned his party with a Titanic theme since he has been interested in that subject. His cake had blue icing with sparkles that made it look like the sea and a beautiful ship sat atop. Kenny was delighted.

My granddaughter Jenn came with her new baby girl Tiffany Grace who was born on the 5th of July. I got to hold her. LOVE!!!

Tori who is now 5 showed us how to do the hula hoop. I love her expression. What concentration!

Ethan who is also 5 gave the hula hoop a go too. Ethan is Tiffany's big brother.

You will need to enlarge this to see the effect of the raindrops sitting on top of the blade of grass. I love these kind of pictures. Those purple flowers in back are violas.

We had a hard rain last night and this morning I noticed some tiny raindrops seeming to hang in midair near one of my plants. When I took a closer look I found a tiny spider who's web is so fine it is nearly invisible with small raindrops clinging to it. I don't mind these spiders. They keep pests off my plants.

On my way home a few nights ago I stopped along the Boulevard to take some pictures of the sunset over Bellingham Bay. It was getting pretty dark so the foliage from the trees looks black but it makes an interesting frame for the scene beyond.

I hope all is well in your world. Blessings


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